Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Race to breakfast

Brrrrr, winter is here!

I'm starting to feel my first fall/winter bug this week - hoping it doesn't blow up and remains mild. The boys are loving all the snow that's been falling and ask to go out into it constantly.

I'm totally over my drug-pharmacy-insurance debates. I'm totally defeated. I received a one-month-trial coupon for Dulera - the alternative drug to Advair, and found out the pharmacy can't use the trial offer because it's only for patients 12 and over... because the drug is only FDA approved for kids 12 and over. So no coupons either.
Totally over it.

So, I'm just going to fill the Rx for the $75 co-pay and see if it works. Hopefully it does since our only alternative is $300/mo Advair. I have a good feeling it will be OK, here's to hoping!

I thought this might help our breakfast-struggle for Jax before school in the morning. His 'prize' at the end is typically some change for the piggy bank or a small toy that I pull from his toy box that he's forgot about (like a Lego man, or small item like that).

It works pretty well. Our only problem is that he chokes more often in anticipation to get to the end! He needs to finish what's in his mouth before moving on, he still struggles with that. (Yes, he's wearing a camo-Bucks hat that Jay got him from a Buck's game that Bango signed.)

Jax riding fly on the way to a wedding on Saturday. I see we need to move his headrest up.

The boys visiting Great Grandma and looking at the bird sanctuary.

Uncle Jeff was visiting for the weekend from Arizona. We stopped in on the way to the wedding!

The boys loved playing in the snow on Sunday.

This "help" lasted all of 5 mins before I kicked them out! Now... who wants to come install new tile?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Drug woes

Jax had his annual asthma specialist appointment. The doc was so happy to see him doing well. Especially compared to this time last year. He wants him to remain on all the same medication, but the only problem is that our insurance doesn't cover his daily preventative inhaler (Advair). We've been using samples that the doc gave us, but now his company (Prohealth) doesn't allow the docs to give out samples - uuuuugh. This drug is $300/month out of pocket. I'm going to call our pediatrician tomorrow morning to see if she has samples. I know the asthma doc mentioned sending her a note to ask if she could contact her drug rep about it.
I have a few friends who use this drug (it's a WONDER drug) for their kids, who may be able to get me samples.
I'm going to have Jay call his company HR department (God they must be so annoyed with us) to inquire about our insurance possibly covering this drug for 2015, or if there's anything they can do at all.
Can you tell we want this drug?

If none of those ideas pan out, we have an alternative drug called Dulera that we can get. Hoping like heck it would work for him.

God bless this child's little lungs.

In other great news (read sarcastically) I had my regular 6 month dental checkup and cleaning. WHAT THE HECK.
I have 6 cavities and the dentist asked if I've had a physical lately because she thinks my calcium is very low and causing me to have weak enamel. I said that I did and oddly the only thing off in my blood work was slightly low calcium.
So, now I have a special calcium/fluoride cream from the dentist that I have to use twice a day and start a calcium supplement.
I didn't even get my first cavity until I was 22 years old, so you can imagine my shock about this. They said I had great oral health, but my enamel has gotten so soft. Then they mentioned 'age' and post babies - I got upset and had to get out of there. So... when you turn 35 your teeth belong on the set of the Golden Girls apparently.
The dentist said that if I use my calcium cream and a supplement, that after my fillings, my teeth should be great in 2015.
I'll be sure to mention that in the Christmas card.

Have a great week everyone!

Brady brought this home from school - YEAH!

I spent Saturday with my mom, aunt and grandma. We started cleaning out my grandma's things from my mom's apartment since she's moving to an assisted living facility. She was in great spirits that day and it was really great to have the time with her.

I found my kindergarten photo circa 1984 at my moms for the boys to see. They didn't believe me that I started losing my teeth at 4. Here I just turned 5 and am on my 3rd tooth! (The bottom two are adult teeth already)  Then they asked if I still had that pink sweater. Um no, it doesn't fit anymore dudes...

I brought home a few childhood toys to store at my house and the boys had a blast with them.

Here the boys are waiting for me to sound the whistle. Their homework from school was to practice dressing in 5 winter items in 5 minutes. They get prizes at school if they're able to. I was SHOCKED that they did it in less than 2.5 minutes. When you make it a race, little boys will play along to anything!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Growing weeds

Halloween is over, and I swear the boys have skipped Thanksgiving and gone straight to Christmas already! I blame the stores because they want to walk through all the Christmas trees, lights and decor that are all up. They just LOVE to stare at it all, it's pretty cute.

Trick-or-Treating was a bit tough because we had sudden winter-weather come that day. Jax really struggled and said his legs hurt too much to continue. Then he really lagged behind and ended up saying to a person answering the door, "Trick-or-Treat, may I please have some water??". The man quickly got him a bottle of water - how kind! I realized then that he was going to start an asthma issue. I realized running around in the cold was kicking his butt that night.

In other news, Jax lost his other wiggly tooth this last weekend. He came running in our room on Sunday and told us he lost his tooth. We thought he meant 'tube', as in his tube came off, but he meant TOOTH! He said he woke up and pushed it with his tongue and it popped right out! The boy's have their 6-month dentist checkup in a couple weeks, so it will be interesting to know if there are any other wiggly teeth and if Brady is close behind with his first one soon. Jax got teeth sooner than Brady, so I'm not surprised he's losing the first ones.

Jax seems to be doing pretty good with his food/formula (Pediasmart). I weighed the boys at home and I *think* they've both gained about 2 lbs since their physicals at the end of July. Jax has been doing really well with NOT vomiting. He'll still gag on his food from time-to-time, but the vomiting has really been absent. I'm assuming that's helping his weight-gain!
Jax isn't due for his next GI/Feeding Team followup until January, but I wish he was being seen sooner. His stoma (the hole in his tummy that the feeding tube is in) hasn't been looking good lately. He's had prolapse (stomach lining) sticking out for years that we've been just watching and hoping to surgically clean up when he gets his feeding tube removed... but lately, the prolapse has gotten worse. Hmm.
Getting an appointment with the Feeding/GI team is tough since it requires many schedules to correspond (GI specialist, Feeding Psych, Feeding Therapist, GI Nurse and Dietician). I had an appointment set around Christmas that got moved back, so I bet I won't be able to get a sooner one, but I'll call anyway and mention that I'd be willing to go on the cancellation list since we're in town. I'll get a photo on here of his stoma site in case anyone out there has dealt with it and could give some advice in the meantime. The pediatrician said it's something to definitely have the GI specialist evaluate at the next appointment, but that was back in July and it wasn't quite as bad.

Brady is just growing like a WEED. Jax suddenly has a big wardrobe and shoe collection because Big B no longer fits in anything under a 5 and his feet are 3 sizes larger. Jax wears a shoe size of 10 and Brady a 13 - although Brady is about 3" taller, so that's probably about right. He's ALMOST out of a toddler-shoe size!
I can't keep up with Brady though because he says he's hungry non-stop! But lately he's also saying his stomach hurts. One minute he's hungry, the next his tummy hurts. What the...

The boys wanted a photo with "Scary Jack".

Ninja Turtle and Darth Vader!

Aaand a bunny...

That Brady kept smooching because he thought the whiskers were SO cute.

Jay and the boys scoping out their treasure after trick-or-treating.

Weekend-morning crafting.

Jax and his pumpkin head that he made at the gym.

Jax's special gold dollar coin from the tooth fairy!

Pizza-making with Dad. You can usually tell which kid is more into cooking and baking than the other :)

After work/school on Wednesday, we ran out for some errands and stopped out for dinner. Random mid-week treat! I love how the boys play and read the activity menus by themselves now!

Come on, it's freaking cute!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First tooth in the books!

What a week!
First of all, Jax's cough went away and he stopped the extra breathing treatments this weekend - all good!
Jay and his dad took the boys to a high school football game on Friday. We have unseasonably warm weather this week, so we took advantage of it! We worked outside in the yard a bit Saturday and then attended Krista's housewarming party - she bought her own home, so proud! The boys LOVE visiting there to play with her niece and nephew, who they see each month at the soup kitchen (Krista's parents run it). I got to see old friends, so it was great!

That night, I got a midnight call from Rachel that she was in labor. So I threw on some clothes and drove out to her house, where I slept until her daughter woke up Sunday morning. We held onto her until Rachel's in-laws got into town. Then we got to meet Jameson, the new big baby boy!

Then... the biggest news that a 6 year old boy can have happened... Jax lost his first tooth!
Big deal here people!

Now onto Halloween celebrations this week! I'm sure there will be some stellar photos to come...

Jax has been working on this tooth for a few days.

He even let Brady try!

Tita bought her own home! We had a great time Saturday at her housewarming party and caught up with my old friends.

The boys LOVE playing with her nephew Ethan and they met a new friend, Simon!

Auntie Rachel went into labor Saturday night, so I picked up this cutie to help out!

Jameson's first selfie on the day he was born!

All these boys...

I worked on this project over the past week. I refinished our powder room vanity. It's a charcoal color and hard to see in this photo. Now I need to paint the walls in there and move onto the next project...

Momma pulled the tooth out Sunday night!

The new one is already growing in.
He has the TINIEST teeth!

Monday, October 20, 2014

First Missed Day of School

We had a sickie last week! Jaxon came home from school Thursday with a cough and runny nose. Apparently he told his teacher that he'd be missing the next day because his throat hurt too - that kid!

I had just gotten home from being gone overnight to a funeral to a pretty sick little guy. He was up all.night.long.coughing. And since he needs to have his pulse-ox checked when coughing like that, we were up too.

I kept him home on Friday and brought him to the doctor since the weekend was approaching, otherwise I think I would've waited one more day to see how he was. The doc said he sounded good, but he had tons of broken blood vessels around his eyes which indicated his non-stop coughing - she didn't like that. She was concerned a lower respiratory virus was going to blow up on him over the weekend, so we played it safe with him (LIVE AND LEARN) and gave him a small dose of Prednisolone over the next two days in addition to his around-the-clock nebulizer treatments. Coupled with Tylenol for the sore throat and it was like night and day for him that night - we all enjoyed some sleep.

Jax will see his asthma specialist in a couple weeks for his annual exam. I have a feeling the doctor will want him to remain on his stronger meds again this year. I'm not sure if we'll see a change with that anytime soon. Jax will never be the kid 'who grows out of asthma'. He has Chronic Lung Disease from undeveloped lungs at birth. His lungs are kinda junk forever - but at least he gets great care, which is all we can ask for!

* Please keep Rachel and her family in your prayers while they face this very difficult time since she lost her father - she is family to us! Also, my grandmother is facing some pretty big health issues and will be entering hospice soon - please say a spare prayer for her and her comfort.

I can't say it enough... health is everything...

Brady has been part of the "Clean Plate Club" often around here lately. He's been helping me cook, which has really helped him like MANY new recipes around here!

Nana Letts playing a great game of UNO with the boys Saturday night.

We took the boys out for some soul-food lunch on Sunday during the Packer game. Their biggest issue was deciding which TV to watch the game on!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Our first blatent LIE

We've had our first 'real lie' happen this past weekend...

I had lunch ready on Sunday, so Jason went to get the boys from the neighbor's yard. He saw Brady and the other kids said Jax was in their house washing his hands and they'd send him over. Brady came in and was super animated telling us a story with his hands about finding a nest and that Jax found an egg and broke it. Now... it took a few times, but that was the end-story that we got. He wasn't 'telling on Jax' so much as just telling an exciting story.

When Jax walked in, I asked him about this. He said he didn't break any eggs. Hmm.
I made the boys walk me to the nest so I could see for myself. I noticed Jax lagging behind and say he was tired and maybe needed a nap (clue 1).

We got to the nest that was lying in the grass... but no eggs. Hmmm.
We walked back home and Jason and I asked them both again about the eggs. Jax said NO to any eggs, and Brady was adamant that there was. Then Jax said he wasn't sure what we were talking about (clue 2).

I texted my neighbor for the story, and in the meantime we told Jax he wouldn't be in trouble if he told the truth since we've never discussed how to treat bird eggs, but if he was lying, he'd be grounded the rest of the day - and we'd be finding out the truth from the neighbor in a moment.

He said he didn't see an egg.

Well, he lied.
He's a human growing up and we have to accept this will happen, but it stinks to have his innocent little eyes lie, ya know?

We told him many times that he was in trouble for lying, not for touching the egg. Which our neighbor kids said he was curious and touched with one finger and it cracked - which is why they made him go wash his hands (which was clue 3 that Jay and I put together - Jax doesn't just go around washing his hands).

I REALLY want our kids to grow up trusting us with the truth, no matter what it is. It's really important to me for them to not be afraid, and for them to know we'll always help and the punishment will be much less severe - if a punishment is warranted. We gave him the OUT with saying he wouldn't get in trouble, but he chose not to take it. The moment I told him the neighbors told me the truth, he didn't fight it at all. He said "yeah, I think it might of cracked". huh.
Jason explained that babies come out of the eggs and once you touch them, the mama bird won't come back and so on and so forth. The boys just looked at him with BIG eyes. They have no clue, and we know that. There wasn't any aggression or ill intentions, but he certainly lied about it.

So, parents in the world with success - what do you do? What has worked? Do we just keep doing what we're doing? What say you?

The boys in their 'spirit wear' for school on Friday. Jax's size 'small' is a bit big even after washing in hot :)

Big boys

The Hillcrest Sock Hop for the PTA that night - Friday

This fella is in Brady's class. He proclaimed Brady as his BEST friend. We heard "HI Brady" repeatedly that night from a bunch of kids - it's nice to know he's made friends!

Could you just die - too cute.

I don't know where to begin with all the amazing things happening in this photo on Saturday morning - enjoy. Even the book is amazing - Creepy Carrots.

Sharing an ice cream sundae after dinner out Saturday night - we had family photos at the zoo late that afternoon - beautiful day!

What does a child do when they're grounded? Well, they look at a lot of books and find Waldo over and over again, lol.

Even Brady hung around with books too - he is such a sweetheart.