Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Report Cards and holiday celebrations have begun!

The first kindergarten report cards came in. The boys are doing so great, we're so proud of them. My heart just sores to see Brady doing so well. He scored pretty much the highest mark for most areas, and has a reading level 6, which is beginner 1st grade. I was so worried about his reading because of his speech, but he is trucking along great. His only issue of course, is the spoken word.

Jax is doing great too, although I had hoped he'd come a little further with his attention/focus/slowing down issues. His reading level is a 7, which is mid-level first grade, but his writing and fine motor (art) needs a lot of work yet. It's an odd little combo that I can't quite figure out.

Both of the boys have great behavior and have adjusted well to kindergarten, so I'm hoping this all continues and we're able to support Jax to help him in his areas of struggle. The next teacher conference and IEP meeting will be helpful.

We had our annual Christmas-lunch with friends on Sunday, who all happen to be someone's godparent in the group. It's always a nice afternoon of food, fun adult punch and football while the kids tear up the toy room.

The boys are gearing up for their last couple days of school before the 2 week holiday break. They've been coming home and telling us all about other December holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanza. I'm pretty impressed with the diversity of teachings! Jax cracked me up talking all about it. He told me that Hanukkah was beginning and would end on Christmas Eve, then Kwanza would begin right after Christmas. I asked him if he knew who celebrated Kwanza and he said, "Ummm, I think Chicago". LOL, not quite buddy, but we can talk more about it later.

The boys have been dying to see Santa. We saw him and Mrs Claus on Tuesday at the KidReach party they attend each year (that's where Jax still gets Feeding Therapy). Jax wanted to ask Santa if he could become one of his elves when he grew up and Brady wanted a guitar. Well, they were so star-struck that they froze on his lap! Jax blurted out that he wanted a MONSTER. Um, what?! Jason said, "a monster truck?" Um yeah.
Brady blurted out a ROBOT. Um, what?! I whispered to him that I thought he wanted a guitar, so he said, "oh yeah, a guitar please." Santa didn't hear him and said, "You're welcome!"
Poor Big B! Although I don't think Brady even realized it.

Brady made a plane full of elves to fly to the North Pole.

Jax working on writing.

Brady is PUMPED to help unwrap the Hershey kisses to make cookies! (Jax chose not to help once he found out he had to wash his hands to do it... uh ok.)

In Heaven with Mama. My little kitchen helper all the time!

Shanns holding baby Jameson.

Gift opening craze!

Checking out the piggies.

Jameson giving some smiles

The boys loving their Battleship game.

The boys were so starstruck!

Putting in their orders.

Making ornaments

Official cookie holder.

Working the bucket with Jax's old physical therapist!

We caught the boys peeking out the shutters watching Santa and Mrs Claus leave!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Two new family members!

The boys are on CLOUD 9 right now! They received two little guinea pigs, named Lucy and Piper.
 They've been asking Santa for them, but since Santa is busy with Christmas right now, he had St. Nick bring them for him with a note. Santa told the boys they got them early since he couldn't care for them, but he's still watching them since he'll still swing by Christmas Eve with a small gift if they've been good and taking care of the pets.
Jason said that Jax got on the bus for school this morning and told the bus driver, "WE GOT GUINEA PIGS!", so I can only imagine how many times the boys screamed this sentence to every person they saw at school today...

**For those of you out-of-state folks, St Nick is a deep rooted tradition from Germany, and other northern Europe areas that celebrate St Nikolaus - a catholic saint who brought treats to orphaned children. The boys even had treats from him waiting for them at school today! Busy guy!

Found under the stockings.

The boys held these little piggies off and on the entire day. Jax refused to get out of his pjs for most of the day!

Brady is madly in love. This is Piper.

We made Jax get dressed and we ran a few errands. Here's my big elf mailing the Christmas cards.

Jax only has the attention span to hold Lucy for about 20 minutes, so Brady takes them both. This is about an hour into a movie...

Living like QUEENS!

The cage was made for boys... oops.

The neighbors came to hold the piggies on Sunday.

Santina's 2nd birthday party!

This little 6 week old tank got some love.

Playing with hair bows!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holidays are here

Oh the holidays, always so busy busy!

The boys and I shopping for Thanksgiving desserts last Wednesday.

The boys giving their visiting uncle a 7am wake-up call on Thanksgiving morning.

Uncle Adam and the boys playing most of the morning.

I found them making videos with the iPad!

Starting the holiday afternoon off at my moms with some cocktails.

My grandma and I filling up the appetizers together.

All the boys playing games while waiting for the rest of the family.

Monkey see, Monkey do.


My grandparents

Classic chaos
Jax-No-Pants strikes again while decorating for Christmas.

This elf hat stayed on for 2 days straight.

Excited about their Lego Advent Calendar that was delivered from the Bonins - they race home from school each day to open up the new door.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The boys had so much fun going on their annual deer-hunting trip with Jason back home to Manitowoc. I got a jump on Christmas shopping and need to finish up on "Cyber Monday". I'm always quickly reminded why shopping online is becoming more and more appealing each year - the stores are just so insane and even if you have an entire day to commit, you still don't get half your list done (the lines, the parking, oy). We have 13 children on our list and some of them get doubled because of December birthdays, so that on top of our regular list and I have a mission :)

The boys have a short week this week and will be home Wed-Sun, so I'm hoping we can keep them entertained and still get a little work done ourselves.
My brother is flying in for Thanksgiving, so we'll spend the day up in Green Bay with my family this year. My grandmother has stopped her chemo treatments, so I'm trying to get up there as much as possible to see her. The boys always bring her a smile too.

Jax has been having a hard time again with vomiting overnight. He's puked all over himself for the past two nights. We don't know why. He's being treated with breathing treatments, but he's not having breathing problems. He doesn't puke at all during the day and is eating. So after two nights of complete bed strips, pj strips and midnight showers, we're going to keep his feeding tube off him tonight. We're all a bit tired, poor Jax! I'm disheartened that this has come back around :(

In cute news, I've been impressed with the boy's imagination this week. They spent the entire night last night building a pretend arcade and being employees and customers with tickets. My favorite part was the sign that read "Jaxon and Brady R K OPEN" I'm told R K means arcade :)

They've been asking for guinea pigs for Christmas. They'd love a cat or dog, but with Jax's asthma, we can't have one. Brady has a guinea pig in his classroom and they just love him. So... Santa is considering a pair of g-pigs. We'd love for the boys to have a pet, and I know they'd be so good with them, so we'll see what the big man orders up...

If you ask our children "what time is it?" anytime after dinner, their response is "CUDDLE TIME!".

Brady helping an elderly volunteer at the soup kitchen last week. He is such an amazing little boy!

The kids showing their cavity-free smiles after the dentist on Monday.

They'd like you to REALLY look in their mouths! (The dentist said Brady has 3 wiggly teeth started!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Race to breakfast

Brrrrr, winter is here!

I'm starting to feel my first fall/winter bug this week - hoping it doesn't blow up and remains mild. The boys are loving all the snow that's been falling and ask to go out into it constantly.

I'm totally over my drug-pharmacy-insurance debates. I'm totally defeated. I received a one-month-trial coupon for Dulera - the alternative drug to Advair, and found out the pharmacy can't use the trial offer because it's only for patients 12 and over... because the drug is only FDA approved for kids 12 and over. So no coupons either.
Totally over it.

So, I'm just going to fill the Rx for the $75 co-pay and see if it works. Hopefully it does since our only alternative is $300/mo Advair. I have a good feeling it will be OK, here's to hoping!

I thought this might help our breakfast-struggle for Jax before school in the morning. His 'prize' at the end is typically some change for the piggy bank or a small toy that I pull from his toy box that he's forgot about (like a Lego man, or small item like that).

It works pretty well. Our only problem is that he chokes more often in anticipation to get to the end! He needs to finish what's in his mouth before moving on, he still struggles with that. (Yes, he's wearing a camo-Bucks hat that Jay got him from a Buck's game that Bango signed.)

Jax riding fly on the way to a wedding on Saturday. I see we need to move his headrest up.

The boys visiting Great Grandma and looking at the bird sanctuary.

Uncle Jeff was visiting for the weekend from Arizona. We stopped in on the way to the wedding!

The boys loved playing in the snow on Sunday.

This "help" lasted all of 5 mins before I kicked them out! Now... who wants to come install new tile?