Saturday, May 31, 2008

First heart monitor dips

Jason and I were watching a movie last night when my 10pm monitoring came around. The moment the nurse put the monitor on Jax we heard a very strange heartbeat. The nurse quickly checked my heartbeat to make sure it wasn't mine and just before she could hit the emergency button, Jaxon's heartbeat rose from 60 to 130's and then steadily up to the 150's where it usually is. She quickly hooked up Brady and a doctor came in immediately.

Apparently one of the babies was compressing Jaxon's cord causing his heart rate to plummet down to 60.The staff said this will happen more and more now and we just need to watch to make sure the heart rate of the baby accelerates properly.
I was monitored longer last night and this morning and cleared by the doctors that everything is OK. I was of course on pins and needles through the monitoring.

This afternoon, Jax took two more dips again. I was on the monitors all afternoon while my mom and grandma were visiting. We know this is one of the exact reasons why we are here, but I must say I don't think we'll ever "get used" to watching one of the baby’s heart rate drop and hope it comes back up. But as for now - they are thankfully OK and that's all that matters.


Megan said...

I got chills reading that dear! I'm always thinking about you and your boys. GL and keep us all updated (of course you will!) **hugs**

Shannon said...

I'm glad everything is ok. It must be scary knowing that this can happen more often now. ((hugs)) and lots of prayers

Krista Emmons said...

Ok, that's very scary, but you're right, that's exactly why you're in there. I'll say a special prayer for the boys today. Love you.