Friday, July 25, 2008

11 Days Old

The boys are doing well and both had clothes on today. They have both gained a few ounces. 
Jax is still on his CPAP (that hurts my heart) and will probably be on it for awhile yet. He's just so uncomfortable with it on his face. It makes his eyes swollen and his nose/mouth collect a lot of fluid because of the humidity. I really can't wait for it to be removed.
Brady will be feeding from a bottle soon...I can't wait to "hold" one of my babies. The house seems to feel more and more empty every day they aren't here.


Heather said...

Saying a prayer that they can get that CPAP off soon. I bet it will be wonderful to hold one of your boys and feed him. You're in my thoughts!


Jennifer said...

We're praying that they get to come home to their awesome nursery very, very soon!!

the schirano triplets said...

it sounds like they are doing really well! i know it is hard, but hang in there. they will be home with you soon! i will keep praying, lots and lots of prayers.

Anonymous said...

So glad they're doing well. How is your recovery going?

Lindsi said...

hang in there girl. I pray he'll be off the CPAP VERY soon!