Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 Weeks

The boys are about 2 weeks old. They have been little troopers. We are able to "hold" them now, which is the most fantastic feeling ever! They aren't feeding from bottles yet, but they are doing really well with their pacifiers and will be off their feeding tubes soon hopefully. 
Jaxon is still on his CPAP, but improving each day on that as well. He lost some weight, while Brady gained some, but we are figuring out that it may be due to his temperature being swaddled. His calories may be being used to regulate his own temperature, so we're trying a few different things to preserve his calories.

I've included a few pictures below...enjoy!

Jaxon getting a break from his CPAP headgear (preemie clothes don't QUITE fit yet!)

Nana Letts, Auntie Christa, Cousin Anesah, Me and Brady being held for the first time! (wow..looks like I could stand to see the sun a little...)

Brady with girlfriends Krista, Jenn and Claire

Brady being cute...
First time hold of Jax with mom!
Just a sweet picture of Brady on dad (look at those gold locks!)


Harris Boys said...

so glad to hear the boys are doing well. they are so tiny and just adorable..congrats again.

Amber and Matt said...

The boys are looking fabulous!! I hope they are feeding from bottles very soon!!

leah said...

(I found you on my Google reader this morning - you blog popped up as one that I might like to see!)

Huge congrats on a pair of beautiful little boys. I wish you all the best as they grow and grow, and you guys get to find some normalcy with two little guys at home again!

I have a Jackson and a Brady too!

Best wishes!

the schirano triplets said...

happy 2 weeks boys! i am so happy to hear that they are doing well-what little troopers!

Lisa said...

OMG Annie!! This is lisaroo from the Nest..I am currently on third tri, but have been reading your blog since we were both in first tri. I live in VA now, but used to live in WI and looking at your pics I almost fell over - I know your friend Krista!!! Although she knows me as "Winner" through our friend Bob. Anyway, tell her hello :)

I am so happy the boys are doing so well! They are gorgeous and you are looking fabulous!