Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 Weeks Old

The boys will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Brady has started fitting into a few "newborn" sizes now and is starting to outgrow some of his preemie clothes. People still ask us how many "days old" he is when they see him. We always wonder what people would say if they saw Jax!

Jax weighed in last night at 4lbs, 9oz. He's close to how much Brady weighed when he came home. Jax was on 35% oxygen today (a bit better - but probably because his favorite nurse Lynette was with him). He was given lasiks and Albuteral yesterday to try and help with his breathing...maybe it's working, maybe not...only time will tell. The doctor told us today that they want to give him an MRI tomorrow to just check things out. They want to rule out something bigger contributing to his oxygen problems. Although we were told that if they did find something, it would not be something they could fix, we would just "know". So let's all hope they find nothing and Jax just needs to figure it out.

He's really looking good
Weekend visitors!! Auntie Rachel and Uncle D
Auntie Rachel with Brady Saturday evening.
Brady's favorite place...on the couch with Daddy.
I rest my case :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Jaxon is finally out of his incubator and in his big boy bed now! Still working on the oxygen and feeding. Today Jax was filmed (trying to bottle feed) by the hosptial to be used in training videos for the nurses....such a superstar :)

Big boy bed
Jaxon making his film debut.
Brady is just TOO cute in this photo.

Monday, August 25, 2008

6 Weeks Old

The boys are officially 6 weeks old today, or -2.5 weeks adjusted. Brady is doing well at home. He weighs 5lbs, 8oz and Jaxon weighs 4lbs, 4oz . Jax is looking good, although still on about 35-40% oxygen at 3 liters and taking most of his feeds through his NG tube. It feels like it will be forever before he comes home.

Jax on my lap trying to grab the camera. 
(His poor nose is stretched to fit all the tubes)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

37 Weeks

I would've been about 37 weeks pregnant right now. That's full term for twin pregnancies and still 3 weeks shy full term for a single baby.

Brady has been home one full week now and doing very well. He'll be re-weighed by the nurse who visits us at home tomorrow. Jaxon has officially weighed in OVER 4lbs now. 4lbs and a HALF ounce to be exact :)
He is doing well and starting to grow his cheeks. His oxygen has been brought down to 2 liters, but he's up to 45% of oxygen concentration in his flow. He's working well on bottles, but will never thrive great while still on oxygen. It seems as if there's still no end in sight of coming home yet...we miss him so much, especially at night...

Here are some pics of Brady's first week at home:

First bath at home~

Ooohhh he loves the Boppy Bouncer chair~
Too cute...
Ooohh he loves daddy's chest.
He also loves visiting his brother every day too... (see the cheeks growin!) We can't wait for him to come home where he belongs...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brady's First Day Home

Brady's first full 24 hours went well. Nana Letts was in town for a work conference so it was perfect timing for her to be at the house to spend time with him. Like everyone kept telling us...Jason and I got NO sleep. Not because he was up crying, but because of all the PREEMIE NOISES he makes while sleeping. He grunted, had hicups and just non-stop made noise while he snoozed away. I woke him up every four hours to feed and for diaper changes. 
He had his first pediatrician appointment this morning and he weighed in at 5lbs, 3oz!! He is 18 3/4" long. Big B is living up to his name! The doctor said he is very healthy and to come back in a month or sooner if Jax is let out of the clink.
He has home visits from nurses set up to have food and weight assessments done. Tomorrow afternoon is our first one.
We visited Jaxon after the pediatrician appointment, and I held the boys together (now that Brady isn't on monitors) in a recliner for a few hours and it was SO NICE! Jaxon's weight is 3lbs, 10 oz - so he's doing good. He looked good today. I miss my little bean at home.

Brady was getting discharge pictures done, so we grabbed Jax and put him in on a few. Poor little peanut was totally woken up and NOT ready for his pictures to be taken!

Of course he woke up after the pictures were done. 
First night Brady was home - playing on the floor!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brady is coming HOME

Brady is coming home tomorrow! Jay and I have a lot to do in the NICU today/tomorrow to get him home, but we are SO excited. We are of course sad to leave Jax alone in the NICU...
I also feel bad that Brady's first days/weeks out of the hospital will be spent going back each day - but he'll probably be happy to see his brother.
There is no way of knowing how long Jaxon will be there yet. Since he's still in an isolate for temperature control, on oxygen and still feeding through an NG tube, I don't see him coming home anytime "soon". :(

Monday, August 11, 2008

4 Weeks Old Today

The boys are 4 weeks old and truckin' along. They are now in the official "twin room", although it's very cramped, it's very nice to be in their own room. 
Jaxon was moved into a different isolate. We are working on his temperature control and he'll hopefully be out of an isolate all together soon. The doctor and nurses have not heard his murmur all weekend or today and so far (again) feel that 
his PDA is closed or is closing on its own. He's still working on his oxygen. He looked good today - his face is starting to fill out and he's REALLY looking like his brother more and more. Soon they will be very hard to tell apart!
Brady is doing great. The doctor asked me today if we were ready for him at home and I'm sure most parents say "no" because when I said "YES!!" he had a surprised grin and said to expect him home this week.

The Twin Room
Jax on the left in isolate (which has changed to a new one today) and Brady on the right.

Brady (4lbs, 12oz)

Jax (3lbs, 7oz)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rockstar feeder!

Brady has been taking all his bottles today, so they are removing his NG tube (the feeding tube that was in his nose). He's doing very well, so he's expected to be home by next weekend! The nurse said it could be any day after Wednesday, so we'll see when...

Jaxon's color looks a lot better, but the doctor said he wished the blood transfusion helped him more. He still needs more oxygen than they would like, and they heard the heart murmur again on Friday. The doctor said he wanted to see how Jax did over the weekend before talking more in depth about surgery. As of today the nurses didn't hear the murmur (great!) but his oxygen need is still there (not great). So we'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.

Jaxon - 3 lbs, 5 oz (Brady's original birth weight)
Brady - 4lbs, 11 oz

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blood transfusion

After 3 weeks of testing, the doctors have decided that Jaxon needed a blood transfusion. I of course was pretty shaken up about it, but know that he should start doing better now from it. The doctor spoke with Jason and I for a long time this afternoon about it, and I guess in the long run it's best for him.
It hurt me to know he was getting stuck with more needles, so I did my best to soothe him through it all. It just makes my heart hurt...I really hope it helps him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Promised Pictures

First time we could have the four of us in one picture.
Jaxon trying to listen in on the nurse's gossip.
Brady sleeping away in Papa Lett's arms.
First time the boys touched since birth.
My heart...

Weekend visitors

Some weekend visitors...
Our niece Marley hanging out with Brady.

Nana Letts holding Jax for the first time.
Papa Letts holding Brady for the first time (do ya love his fake hair visor?!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

3 Weeks Old

The boys are 3 weeks old today.
I'm sorry I can't post pictures - the site won't let me tonight for some reason. I have some really great ones from the past few days too, so I hope it works soon. 
Jaxon's IV was removed this morning, and he's back to getting food in his belly. He hasn't gained as much weight compared to his brother over the past few days due to the IV feeds. His weight is around 2lbs, 15.6 oz (ALMOST 3 lbs!), while his brother is getting his cheeks chubby weighing in at 4lbs, 4.6oz! Our job is to narrow that gap now.
Both boys are working on bottle-feeds. Today they wanted to sleep rather than work for their food :) I keep whispering to them that the sooner they take all their bottles, they can come home.
They have been moved to another area - they are now in Pod G...which we don't like very much. It's a "triplet room" that they share with another little boy name "Jael". They are sharing a room with him since his mom doesn't visit often (we haven't seen her yet) and also so two single babies could take their old pods. The room is cramped, and LOUD and we were NOT fond of the nurses in there today....I wanted to scoop up both our babies and run today...
Each day is getting harder.
Much harder.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Both trying bottles~

It seems as though the Ibuprofen has worked. The doctor said he doesn't hear the murmur anymore, so  they are starting to wean Jax off his IV, so hopefully it will be out over the next day. We tried his first bottle today, and he took 3ml (just like his brother did his first try on the bottle).
Brady has been taking half of his feeds by bottle, but not at each feed. So we are working on that. Brady is no longer in his isolate and is now a big boy out in room air. We're just working on his feeds, so we are optimistic of his homecoming over the next 2 wks. We really think that Jax will just take off soon - he's such a little wildcat!
The boys touched hands today for the first time since in utero. The nurse (Lynette) took pictures of us as a family of four and the boys together - I will attach them tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers - so far, so good!