Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 Weeks Old

The boys will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Brady has started fitting into a few "newborn" sizes now and is starting to outgrow some of his preemie clothes. People still ask us how many "days old" he is when they see him. We always wonder what people would say if they saw Jax!

Jax weighed in last night at 4lbs, 9oz. He's close to how much Brady weighed when he came home. Jax was on 35% oxygen today (a bit better - but probably because his favorite nurse Lynette was with him). He was given lasiks and Albuteral yesterday to try and help with his breathing...maybe it's working, maybe not...only time will tell. The doctor told us today that they want to give him an MRI tomorrow to just check things out. They want to rule out something bigger contributing to his oxygen problems. Although we were told that if they did find something, it would not be something they could fix, we would just "know". So let's all hope they find nothing and Jax just needs to figure it out.

He's really looking good
Weekend visitors!! Auntie Rachel and Uncle D
Auntie Rachel with Brady Saturday evening.
Brady's favorite place...on the couch with Daddy.
I rest my case :)


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, Brady is such a "big" boy now! I hope everything comes out ok with Jax's MRI.

Harris Boys said...

jax looks great! hope they give you some great news about his breathing.

Mary said...

I've been following the boys and your pregnancy for a while now. So glad to see them getting bigger and stronger. Your family is in my prayers every night.

lovealways6565 said...

I hope you get some good news! =) Im praying for ya'll! I can't believe how much they both have grown! =)