Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blood transfusion

After 3 weeks of testing, the doctors have decided that Jaxon needed a blood transfusion. I of course was pretty shaken up about it, but know that he should start doing better now from it. The doctor spoke with Jason and I for a long time this afternoon about it, and I guess in the long run it's best for him.
It hurt me to know he was getting stuck with more needles, so I did my best to soothe him through it all. It just makes my heart hurt...I really hope it helps him.


april said...

prayers going up for all of you. stay strong, mama!

Lindsi said...

Im sending loads of prayers and good thoughts. I am sorry Jax has to get a blood transfusion...that must be very scary to you and your DH. You are so strong and you are so positive. Keep it up.
HUGS- Lindsi (SNL0605)

pie lady said...

Lots of hugs for little Jax! I know how scary this all must be for you guys. You have been so strong!
Big hugs for a Nestie Auntie.

the schirano triplets said...

my girls had several blood transfusions throughout their nicu stay. ella had one in particular towards the end of their stay and it made an enormous difference in her energy level. still praying for you all, especially jaxon and brady!