Sunday, August 3, 2008

Both trying bottles~

It seems as though the Ibuprofen has worked. The doctor said he doesn't hear the murmur anymore, so  they are starting to wean Jax off his IV, so hopefully it will be out over the next day. We tried his first bottle today, and he took 3ml (just like his brother did his first try on the bottle).
Brady has been taking half of his feeds by bottle, but not at each feed. So we are working on that. Brady is no longer in his isolate and is now a big boy out in room air. We're just working on his feeds, so we are optimistic of his homecoming over the next 2 wks. We really think that Jax will just take off soon - he's such a little wildcat!
The boys touched hands today for the first time since in utero. The nurse (Lynette) took pictures of us as a family of four and the boys together - I will attach them tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers - so far, so good!


Lindsi said...

Praise God! YEAH FOR THIS UPDATE! I'm so glad to hear the ibuprofen worked and that they are both trying bottles. What big boys!
Lindsi (SNL0605)

the schirano triplets said...

oh wow, what fantastic news! i am so glad to hear that things are moving right along. i cannot wait to see the pictures of the 4 of you, just hearing about it gave me goosebumps.

Em said...

I haven't checked in here in awhile, but I continue to pray for you and your little boys.

Glad to hear that all seems to be going well!! Many continued thoughts and prayers to your little family!!


Doubly Blessed said...

That is great news!

Anonymous said...

It is always amazing what divine energy can do. Healing angels surround them both. Esepcially Jaxon who is destined to come out strong. Love to you all
Sue K