Thursday, September 11, 2008

Term babies

Today was my due date for a single baby...what a curve ball!
Jaxon has been doing better on his oxygen. He was at .2 liters today. They said they even tried .1 liters and he did well for about an hour. They are being more aggressive since they think he's just being lazy about it. Since he's considered a "term baby" this week, they really want to see some improvement. It seems to be working! 
I've also made it clear the last few days that his progress is becoming emotionally draining for us, and it doesn't seem right. They are also holding him a lot more too...I think that helps a lot. God knows that Brady likes to be held constantly at home! If they can get Jax off the oxygen then he'll be coming home with his NG tube. I think we'll get him feeding better at home. Which I'll really have to figure out how to do by myself since Jason starts a new job on Monday! We're really excited about his new position. And I'm of course slightly terrified, but don't want him worrying about us at home while he needs to concentrate on the job. I've been waiting for both boys to be home where they belong for so long that I will definitely figure it out! 
I found out the boys aren't allowed to be in daycare for at least 1-2 years, and definitely not anywhere near RSV season. I guess I'm not surprised since they have such compromised immune systems. The doctor told me that a simple cold could definitely re-hospitalize them easily. We've been through way too much to compromise their health at this point. Jason and I will be getting flu shots, and the boys will be getting RSV shots monthly while I keep them away from crowds as best I can through this winter! The RSV shots are covered by insurance thankfully (they are $1,000 each and administered each month Nov-April) since the boys were born before 34 weeks. Apparently RSV is HIGHLY contagious to preemies and can be considered deadly. Adults get it all the time, but affects us as a cold, so we don't even know it's RSV. So if you visit...expect us to be coming at you with hand disinfectant!! :)

The boys still weigh about a pound and a couple of ounces different, which means they are both gaining steadily at the same rate. But a pound difference becomes less of a "difference" as they get bigger!
Jaxon - 5lbs, 5oz
Brady - 6lbs, 7oz

Uncle Craig and Aunt Shannon holding Brady while visiting with Jax between softball games.
Jaxon's first bouncey seat experience!
Brady in his bouncey seat at home (just to be fair).
Brady sleeping like a grown up in mommy and daddy's bed.
The boys today...really filling up mommy's arms!


Jennifer said...

What precious boys. Do you like your bouncy seats? We didn't get one, but have swings instead. I'm wondering if I should get at least one to try...

Amber and Matt said...

The boys look fabulous!! We have that same blue bouncy seat and now the boys are practically too big for it! Isn't it weird on your "due date" I felt a little sad and most definitely a little jipped. Especially since one of my little guys wasn't home yet :( Come home soon, Jax!

Heather said...

I love the picture of you holding both of them! Glad to hear Jax is making good progress. Keep it up, Jax, and come home soon!

lovealways6565 said...

love the pics im glad they both are doing well!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear they're both doing so well. I'm always thinking about you and the boys! (Sniffer)

Shannon said...

Wow the pictures are great, they look like they are growing so much!

Linda said...

Glad to hear they're both doing well and Jax is improving. They look like they're growing nicely in the pic of you holding them. Continued prayers to you and to them!