Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life at Home

Jaxon has been home since Sunday night. We are happy to report he has NOT thrown up (knock on wood) at all so far. He's tried a few times, but nothing has actually come up. His overnight pump-feeds are working well, and he's taking about half his day-time bottles by mouth. He weighed 6lbs, 11.5oz on Monday when the nurse visited. He'll see the nurse again on Thursday here at home, and the pediatrician on Friday. He'll re-visit the g.i. and pulmonary specialists the 3rd week of November. We'll see if we can wein him off the Reglan and O2 at that time (a.k.a. nightime O2 only).
The hospitalization has really helped him. Our family can function a little easier now. I say this right after the babies had meltdowns this evening and Jason almost pulled his hair out :) Auntie Rachel has really helped by being our nanny. She's been working out of our house so she can deal with Brady while I'm caring for Jax. I'm actually finding the time to have quality time with each baby now compared to the first time Jax was home. Life is still crazy in the house...but a different crazy this time around.

This is what I came downstairs to on Sunday.
Jason was discussing the game of football to his son.

Jay and Brady were having a good time on the couch wearing their Steelers gear.
(For the record, I had a Packers sweatshirt on!)
Jaxon working on his neck muscles today - he's a real baby!
Auntie Rachel tried to get a shot of them together today...but they wanted to wiggle!!
Jaxon's oxygen tank that sits centerally in the house.


monica said...

Congrats on being home and having a better go at it this time! That is great that Jax is doing so much better and he will continue to get stronger!! They are so cute!

rachael said...

congrats on jax being home again! love the picture of the football discussion - so cute!

SSU said...

I am glad things are going well at home for Jax. They sure did give you a large O2 tank and long hose! We got the one on wheels that I had to wheel all over the house (which is not fun while holding a baby).

Sandi said...

Too cute! I've been following you and the boys since The Nest via this blog. I have to say, Jaxon looks absolutely terrific - and the football conversation was pretty darned adorable, too!

Shannon said...

Im glad Jax is home and since he is so cute, I will forgive him for wearing Steeler's gear (Go Brownies!)

The Wilsons said...

I'm glad that Jax is home and things are smoother for you. I love the pics...too cute...I'm glad you had a Packer sweatshirt on!

Wick said...

Letts- so happy for you guys! I'm thinking about you. Although I don't mind the steeler gear, you gotta get than little man some pads!!!

Shannon said...

Love the new pictures your posted, your boys are just adorable. Thats wonderful news that Jax is home!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother. I'm 40 years old and pregnant with my 4th child. You are an inspiration. I won't bore you with my personal concerns. Just know that this blog has given me hope and inspiration.

Your boys are beautiful.