Sunday, October 26, 2008

One week home

Today marks one full week that Jaxon has been home. He's been doing well. He's thrown up a few times this morning, but we're hoping it's isolated and not a sign of it starting back up. We do know that babies do throw up and spit up once in awhile, so we're causiously going thru the rest of our day.
We'd like to send out a CONGRATULATIONS to Jason's cousins - Vicki and Travis Tank who had their twins on Oct.12. They had a little boy and girl born at 33 weeks. Last report was that the family is doing well and living a NICU life right now. Good luck and lots of love to them!
And Happy first wedding anniversary to Scott and Sidney!
Some fun pics at everyone's request!
The boys watching college football with dad.
Brady is a HAM!
Nana Letts and smiley little Jax.
The boys just hanging out.


Amanda said...

The boys are SO cute. Jax looks fabulous-- it looks like he has been eating well at home:)

Anonymous said...

Sweater- Congratulations on bringing home Jaxon! I'm a fellow nestie and the boys have been in my thoughts. They looks so handsome and sweet. Stay strong mom! -Amber aka SeattleBride

DeVriesK said...

your doing a wonderful job with your boys! they look great. and they are just so adorable!!

Shannon said...

I love seeing them together, they are so cute! Looks like Jax is doing good!

Anonymous said...

I was searching on google for Twins/Jaxon/Josselyn to see if my website would come up, and I found your cute blog. My twins Jaxon and Josselyn just turned one. My husbands name is also Jason. What a coincidence. Your twins are darling. Don't worry, you will eventually get some sleep. It will get easier:) You can see my twins on
Take care! Jessica

cat said...

It is so great to see them together at home. Good luck and enjoy!