Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Update

It's so nice to have the boys together. We wish things were a bit easier for little Jax. He's been throwing up pretty much with every feed. I had to bring him into the ER on Tuesday night to have a stomach X-Ray to make sure his NG tube wasn't coiled up. The X-Ray was good, so I've been trying to spread his feeds out a little longer. We had a feeling the constant intake of food was making his reflux worse. His throwing up is definitely out of control. We are getting an upper G.I. scan on him tomorrow, along with an ultrasound of his hips at the hospital. The Ped didn't like how his hips felt, so we're checking that out as well. I really hope we get some answers. It's so frustrating and awful to watch him wretch in pain and throw up all his food....the poor little man will never gain weight (sigh).
Thank goodness my mom has been here Wed and Thurs to help out! Auntie Rachel will be here on some other days to help as well - it's VERY needed!

Some cute pictures of the last 2 days that you're all requesting. I think you can click on the photo to enlarge if you want. Enjoy!

Jaxon in all his cuteness!
Nana playing with Jax.
Nana and the boys. 
(poor Jax has to stay inclined and vented on his tube)

The boys checking eachother out.
Nana and Brady.


monica said...

Very cute!! They are so adorable! I hope that everything is good with the test tomorrow!

Mary said...

Ah, love the pictures! And,you look so much like your mom!

I'm so glad Jax is home, I'm sure it'll get easier for him and you

Pam said...

they are just heart-melting. too too cute for words! i hope jax feels better soon. it can't be easy for anyone. {{hug}}

Jen & Jeff said...

They are just beautiful. I wish we could just snap our fingers and make Jax's issues go away. sigh. Hang in there!!

ugabrat said...

I know that you are so happy to have them both at home. Good luck with the tests! these pics are so adorable. I have just recently started reading your blog but I wanted to tell you that I admire you and your strength. God Bless you and your family!

ashley said...

I'm so sorry about your babies tummy problems! I have a nearly preemie who was having a lot of stomach problems with reflux - very severely, and in the end, we had to go completely lactose/dairy free ALONG with a lot of probiotics to help him keep his food down. I know this may not work for everyone, but it sure saved our lives! :) Hope things get fixed soon!

Valerie said...


Laura said...

They look wonderful! Don't worry, the feeding thing will work out. They're already getting so big. You're doing a great job!

orangestar17 said...

I hope things get much better for little jax soon!! They are both such amazingly beautiful little guys, I know it's wonderful for you to have them both with you!