Sunday, November 16, 2008


Jaxon's EGD went well. They couldn't find any problems. They placed a G-tube into his belly. It's a bit scary looking right now. Apparently after 3 months the tube can be turned into a MIC key button. Our hopes are that the tube will be removed before the button is placed. The docs want his tube to stay in place for the next 3 months even if he does end up bottle-feeding every feed before then. They think a tube in place over the winter is a good idea in case he gets sick. He's on the feeding pump 24/7 right now, and we're starting to take breaks to try the bottle. He took it on the first try this morning (6 ml's), so we're hopeful. I want to give his throat a little break from being intebated Friday with the surgery.

Jax was able to come home Saturday. It was a bit of a circus at the house the first night, but I think it will get easier (HOPEFULLY) as we get used to it. Jax needs to be vented often....that seems to really help keep the vomiting/reflux from being so bad. Our hopes are that since the NG tube is out of his nose and throat, he'll bottle-feed easier and he'll have less gagging and less stomach acid traveling up his throat. We forgot to vent him after his reflux this morning and he ended up vomiting. So only one reflux and vomit so far since coming home. Neither were as bad as most that he's had.
Both boys have their 4 month physicals/immunizations tomorrow, and Jax will see the pulmonary and G.I. teams on Friday. We're hoping he'll pass the tests and get the oxygen off his face during the day hours.
So everyone cross your fingers for everything!


Heather said...

I am praying that Jax passes his tests and does well with his G tube. ((hugs)) This must have been such a tough few days for you.

Valerie said...

I'm glad to see that things went well with the G Tube. I'm sorry he's even had to get it hon but hopefully this will allow him to bottle feed better and not have any future oral aversions. ((HUGS))

Linda said...

Prayers that Jax passes with flying colors with both doctors. You are a wonderful STRONG mama. Continued good thoughts to you

Shannon said...

I will pray that Jax passes his test. Im glad things went well with his Gtube. I think its a great idea to have it in place for the winter!

ARKmom08 said...

I hope and pray that Jax does well with his G tube. You are so strong for your boys! They are lucky to have you for their mama.