Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oxygen only at night!

Jaxon had his pulmonary and G.I. check ups at the hospital all day on Friday. He passed his pulmonary test and only needs to use his oxygen at night while sleeping, or if he were to get sick. He will have a sleep study done in March to see if we can be done with the oxygen all together then.
His calories have been increased to 27 per serving, so that's something we're adding to his formula now. He seems to have increased the reflux/vomiting a bit again...but we're still keeping way more down than we used to by venting often. He is still on the continuous pump-feed, which gets increased 1ml an hour each week. We still practice with the bottle 3x a day, and some days are better than others. Jaxon works closely with a speech therapist now to make our goal of complete bottle-feeds within 3 months. The occupational therapist thinks he's doing great. We have activities to do with him now to help him develop quicker. We'll keep on working on all of this!
Both boys will receive their second round of RSV shots this Wednesday at the house. So we're all hanging in there and already dreaming about SPRING!
First professional pictures of the boys will be done on Monday....finally! Pray for SMILES!!


Mary said...

I'm so glad Jax is doing well! Cant wait to see pics!

Sara said...

Great news!

monica said...

Good news!! Good luck on the pictures!