Sunday, November 9, 2008


I stick my tongue out to REFLUX!

Talk to the hand Dad!

Brady flirtin' with Jen

Hey! I'm Jax!

"Whaaa! I thought this shirt would bring me the girls!"
(Thanks for the shirt Auntie Sidney!)


Sara said...

Love love the "talk to the hand" one! How precious to capture that! I pray for you and your little ones, especially Jax every day.

Eris1995 said...

I love the new pictures!!

Lindsi said...

I LOVE the new photos! So adorable! Those boys of yours are real heartbreakers =)

monica said...

Great pictures. Your boys are just so cute. Jax smile is heart melting!

Pam said...

hee hee! such sweet, happy boys. no matter how much trouble jax has eating, you can at least be assured he's a happy, sweet guy! and a shameless flirt, along with his brother.