Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The weigh-in today went much better than I thought it would. Jaxon weighs 7lbs, 9oz and Brady weighs 9lbs, 4oz. I'm soooo happy with these weights. It means that Jax is still hitting his goal of 1oz/day. I guess that when Jax vomits now, it's never a whole bottle like what he used to do.
ALSO...he kept down every bottle yesterday afternoon. He continued his reflux and vomitting early this morning...so I'm starting to think it's a medication issue (he doesn't get any Reglan overnight). We have an appointment with the G.I. specialist again at Children's Hospital tomorrow afternoon.
Cross your fingers for us.

We hope you all got out there to vote today!


monica said...

Great weights!! They are growing and doing good. Good luck on the appointment tomorrow.

Erin said...

I am so glad the weights are good! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Molly said...

Yeah for positive news. I pray for continued positive news for y'all.

The Wilsons said...

I'm glad the weights are doing great! I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!