Sunday, November 9, 2008


Soooo....the Alimentum is not a good fit for Jaxon. At least it doesn't seem so. We gave it to him for his overnight pump-feed. He was up vomiting and refluxing more than he EVER has. He was also blowing out his diapers with runny/smelly poo. It was just awful. He was so exhausted, that I finally just stopped the pump at 6am and he slept the next 3 hrs. We tried giving him a bottle since we knew his poor tummy had to be totally empty. He wanted nothing to do with it (but was sucking so hard on his pacifier). So I put a little in his tube, and he threw it up immediately.
We then made up some of his original preemie formula through his tube, and he's been sleeping since. I'm about to introduce his next bottle with the original formula to see if he takes it.
We hate to think we didn't give the new formula a good try, but it seems to be awful on him. It makes no sense that it would harder on him. Maybe it was a coincidence?? We don't get it.

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Wendy said...

Hi ya! I was going to ask if you were able to split the Ali-made him sicker- formula with his premie formula to help him adjust to the aliumentiumwhatever it was. It might have been to hard on his tummy at first, but I can also tell you that when we switched from gentle formula to regular the girls got pretty barfy too and they don't have reflux. Maybe combine a little bit at a time to help him digets it better? I love thier pictures!