Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to the Bottle

We are going to try practicing a bottle with Jax today. I've made a plan with the speech therapist of how we will time turning off the feeding pump and everything. I wish I had higher hopes for this, but its hard since Jax still heaves often. But I'm determined to start trying!
Yesterday we took Jax to the hospital for some blood work to check his electrolytes. We want to see if we can drop the Sodium Chloride from his medication list. So we're waiting to get the word on that. We've decided to stay off the Reglan. His mood has improved, and he's pretty much physically the same.
Brady is still up at night now. He's always slept a perfect 8-10 hrs through the night. We're thinking its time to wein from the swaddle, but we're having a hard time with it. He cries being in the swaddle, but wakes himself up all night if his arms are left out - any advice out there? I've been playing white noise for him (sound of rain) gently in the background, and only have on a small nightlight. His humidifier had a very bright blue light that lit up the whole room. I was wondering if it was too much light for him. I've heard that babies may sometimes go through sleepless nights for 2 weeks during growth spurts. Hmmm....what else to do?


audrey said...

If Brady doesn't like being fully swaddled right now, try folding a receiving blanket into thirds then starting behind him, wrap it around keeping his arms at his sides and see how he likes that. Worked like a charm with my little guy, good luck!

I hope Jax does well on the bottle!

Anonymous said...

My now toddler was the same as an infant. He loves the snuggled part of it, but wanted his hands. So when I swaddled him I swaddled his elbows to his trunk, but left his hands out. That's what worked for us. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My son went from sleeping eight hours a night to waking up every three. I thought it was a growth spurt or phase, but after a few months of getting up every night I was at my wits end. I have the book Baby411 and the section on sleep recommended other books to read. I read the most highly recommended one (Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems) and learned about sleep associations. Total light bulb moment. My son was falling asleep one way and waking up with different conditions, so he cried until I returned those conditions (in my case, holding and nursing). Not sure if this book will help in your case, but I just thought I'd share. It was a good read and helped me tremendously.