Monday, December 22, 2008

G.I. follow up

Jaxon's follow-up G.I. appointment at Children's Hospital was good today. The doctor wants us to completely stop his medication REGLAN. He thinks it may be adding to his fussiness and irratability. We'll know in the next 3-4 days if that's the trick. He'll either vomit/heave more, or become a happy baby. The doctor thinks it's definitely worth a try. We didn't want him on that drug very long anyway, so we're more than happy to try it. The doctor doesn't think "gas" is making him so irratable since Jaxon poo's multiple times a day with this gentle formula he's on.

We're going to be using a cream on some skin that's growing next to his g-tube entry. They gave us the option to "burn" it off at the office today, or use this cream over the next two weeks. Apparently it's very common, but the body wants to close the hole up, so skin is starting to grow. Hopefully this cream works, so we don't have to cause Jax any discomfort with "burning" it off.

Jaxon's weigh-in at the office was awesome - 10lbs, 4oz! We'll see what he weighs tomorrow on the scale he's been using this whole time, and hopefully it's very close to the doctor's scale. The doctor said that Jax is in the 50% for his weight in comparison to his length. Ignoring all "ages", he only was concerned about his weight in reference to his length. So that's great! Both boys will be weighed at the house by our nurse (Stacey) for their RSV shots tomorrow. I think they're within a pound of eachother now because Jax is fitting into Brady's pajamas :)

We have the okay from the specialist and the dietician to work on bottle feeds again. We just have to make sure a certain amount of formula is administered every day, so we will work with his speech therapist on how to time turning off the feeding pump long enough to make Jax hungry to try a bottle, then making sure he makes up for that time off the pump. It will take a lot of work, but the day this baby gets his feeding tube out, will be the biggest celebration ever. The doctor still 100% believes Jax will grow out of this heaving and he'll be completely fine someday with eating by mouth. He said the more mature and upright Jax gets, the easier everything will be for him. We REALLY hope he's right.


The Wilsons said...

Jax is doing so great. He's really doing a great job of gaining lately!!! That's awesome! The new pictures (previous post) are great too. They are so darn cute!

Amber and Matt said...

Yay, Jax!! Sounds like he is an eating champ...on to bottle feeds!