Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pain in the neck...

So the boys have totally different shaped heads. Jaxon's occupational therapist said he has TORTICOLLIS. This is when the head tilts to one side and the face turns toward the opposite side. He can't turn his head completely right. It's thought to happen from the position of the child's neck before birth. If you notice...Jax always has his head tilted the same way in all his pictures. He was definitely "stuck" in my pelvis with his neck cranked while in utero. His head is still lopsided, but it seems to be getting better.
So we're working on a lot of different stretches which Jax hates! He's been a crabby little dude since we've started working on this. We need to strengthen his weak neck muscles on his right side. We'll continue his stretches and therapy and hope to see progress soon.

We tried to leave Brady's arms out of his swaddle last night at bedtime. Aaaand that didn't work. He kept waking himself up and crying for his pacifier. Finally I swaddled his arms back in and he slept fine the rest of the night then. We'll keep trying here and there and see how he does, but for now...he still needs to be swaddled. The ONLY way Jax can settle down or even nap is swaddled.  I swear these babies will be swaddled until they're 18!

Here are a few pics from some happy play time this morning:

Look how hard we concentrate on our hands!
Total hams


Sandi said...

Your boys are just absolutely beautiful. I check in all the time to see how they're doing. It's amazing to see how wonderful Jax looks. :) Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Keep up the good work.