Monday, December 29, 2008

Not ready

Jaxon has made it VERY clear he is not ready for bottles in his mouth, or large volumes of food in his tummy. He gagged/heaved/puked every single time we tried putting a bottle in his mouth. I had his food pump turned off for over 3 hours when we tried, so when he wouldn't take the bottle I had to make up for all that lost food. He couldn't handle having 1.5 oz of food put into his belly over an I think he's in the throws of his reflux peek over the next month we're going to have to be patient and keep him on his feeding tube. We'll keep trying to get a pacifier in his mouth in the mean time.

Brady slept 5 hours with both arms out last night. I thought this was did not. He wouldn't stop crying until brought into bed with us, and then cried non-stop again at 4:30am. Jay brought him downstairs and gave him a bottle, and as soon as the bottle was done...he continued to cry. Finally his swing and the TV made him calm down and finally snooze a bit. He then had a little reflux attack around 7am (sigh) I think it may be from being so upset.

Anytime after 3 or 4am in our house is insanity. That's called the "witching" hours for reflux babies, so I had my own pity party upstairs with Jax while Jay was dealing with Brady downstairs.


Linda said...

Oh are REALLY going through so much with these kids. My prayers and thoughts are always with you and the kids

Anonymous said...

Have you tried elevating Brady's crib? I had a reflux problem with my daughter, and the Dr recommended proping one side of the crib. That seemed to help her. I just rolled a blanket and put it under one side. For a while, I even put her right in her bouncy seat in her crib.