Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Try and see...again...

We've decided to try Neocate formula on Jaxon to see if that will alleviate some of his heaving/vomiting. We'd hate to find out in a couple of months that this would've helped. Neocate is an ultra gentle formula for babies with any food allergy or sensitivity. We tried this formula for a day and a half before his scope/surgery and at that time it didn't help. This time we're going to try it for 2 weeks and give it a good try. It's worth a try.
We're able to "catch" most of his heaves, but sometimes its impossible. We know nothing will make his reflux attacks go away, we're just hoping he does grow out of it (expected at 4 months adjusted to start to improve).
Jax has regressed on his bottle feeds. We practice a few times everyday, but he now drinks ZERO from the bottle. The speech therapist and dietician believe his constant vomiting and heaving is making him want nothing in his mouth. Even on an empty stomach he won't take anything from the bottle. Jason and I wake up to Jaxon's bed soaked with formula if his clamp on his feeding tube is closed. It leaks out thru a valve. So that's always fun to wake up to! We kick ourselves because when you get up every 30 mins to help him in the night, its easy to make mistakes like this.
I take that opportunity to try a bottle since we know he hasn't had any food for a couple hours. He still wants nothing to do with it. The therapist truly believes Jax will come around quickly once we alleviate his vomiting. Until then, we continue to try and at least give him his pacifier so he remains to practice the sucking motion. He won't take the pacifier sometimes until he's convinced it's not a bottle.
The G.I. specialist wants to try this gentle formula and if it doesn't help, he wants to try some special gas drops. We believe he has a gas problem since so much air comes out of his belly when we vent him to prevent the vomiting. So hopefully one of these next steps helps this poor little man. He is gaining weight slowly which is better than none, but we need it to speed up. He does get an added fatty calorie mix to his already increased calorie formula. We mix it all up to be 27 cals per serving. Brady gets 22. Last weigh-ins:
Brady - 10lbs, 2oz (Nov 26)
Jax - 8lbs, 7oz (Dec 1)
Comedy relief:
Brady holding his own bottle. I had to ditch him on the floor on a boppy while feeding him to tend to one of Jaxon's reflux attacks. I turned around and this is what Brady was doing! Survival of the fittest in our house!


monica said...

I hope the new formula works and Jax starts to eat from the bottle. Brady is just so big and able to hold his own bottle! Cute!

Linda said...

I hope changing the formula helps him out. I'm so sorry to hear that Jason lost his job. I hope he finds something even better and that you get the insurance thing worked out. You are doing a GREAT job for your babies. Hang in there!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Hey Annie! I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers... I hope Jax starts taking the bottle and Jay gets another job soon. I think 2009 will be a great year for change, at least that's what I'm sending out there too. Love you guys! :)

June said...

What a big boy thing to do! Way to go Brady!