Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still going

Jaxon had his occupational therapy session today and did pretty good. He actually rolled while on the boppy this morning. Granted he was on an inclined boppy, but at least its a start! Brady and I started up our sickness a bit yesterday, so it's still lingering around for the two of us, and Jaxon for sure.
Jax actually started heaving and vomiting again very often. I'm pretty sure the Zofran was doing the trick and helping in. I left a message for the GI clinic to call me back to discuss it, but after 4 outfit changes this morning, we had enough. I started him back on the Zofran and sure enough, the vomiting is stopping! I'm waiting for a call back to let them know I started the drug back up, and to see if I can drop the other one instead. I've also coordinated for their RSV and Flu shots to be delivered to the house tomorrow and a nurse to administer on Friday - that was a crazy chase with our change of insurance for the boys, but we got it all figured out. Still waiting for someone to call about Jaxon's overnight pulse-ox study.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days:

Brady and Daddy

Jaxon just hanging out.
Brady wiggled off the boppy and playing on the floor.
Playing together.
Giggling at who knows what!
My guys.
Jax talking away!
The result of Jaxon's first ROLL.
They are posing for Baby GQ


Heather said...

Sorry to hear the sickness is still around. I absolutely love the GQ pics. They are just so stinking cute!!

Luckygirl said...

Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog every day and I'm praying for Jaxon (and for all of you). Your boys are SO cute. I love the pictures, especially the GQ one. I really hope things get easier soon and ya'll get some sleep, some peace and some healthy days! :)

Jen & Jeff said...

Gosh annie.. they are looking huge! How much do they weigh now?!? They look so healthy even with the flu!

Jenn said...

Annie, they are sooo precious! I'm glad that the drugs are working! I know you are on quarantine and all, but maybe if we're all feeling well when I come next weekend for "you know what" maybe I could stop by with Lisa to see you and the boys on Sunday? hmm... just a thought. I'll call/email closer and see how things are going. I know how crazy it has been for you so, I understand if you don't want company for sure! Love you and miss you lots! - Jenn

Mignon said...

Love Jaxon's face; can't believe how big they both are! (Even though I saw Jaxon on his last trip here to chw)