Friday, February 27, 2009

Warrior Mom

Today was so challenging! Well, it started off totally normal and fine. A nurse came to the house to give the boys their RSV and flu shots. After a bit of crying they settled down, I thought the hard part of the day was done. NO WAY.
Jaxon was in the exersaucer and Brady was in the jumperoo. I was sitting in front of them both playing with them. Suddenly I smell Brady and pick on him to Jax, when I suddenly "hear" him poo (like Jax does all night and Jay and I lay in bed and giggle). 
Ewwww, I knew that couldn't be good. I pull Brady out of the jumperoo and lay him on the blanketed changing station I have set up on the couch. To my surprise, Brady had diarrhea go straight thru his diaper, his onsie and his clothes. NEAT. I took a picture so Jason can see how bad it still is. Suddenly Jaxon starts throwing up. I had a moment of panic. I threw a Brady on a blanket on the floor and tended to Jax. When I got back to Brady, his mess had reached every single thing around him. Seriously...this is my life :)
I quickly grabbed Jax, strapped him into a bouncy seat upstairs in the bathroom, and ran back down to retrieve Brady in all his poopy glory. I scooped up the entire blanket and brought it all upstairs. Brady went into the tub, while Jax looked on with giggles.
By the time I got Brady cleaned and dressed, changed Jaxon's pukey clothes, threw poopy items in the wash, and some in the trash and got both babies back downstairs, I was honestly sweating. When I sat down, I thought, "did that really just happen?" It should be illegal for twins to have explosive diarrhea and puke at the same time when there's only one parent!
Makes for a good laugh at the end of the day, right?

So calm and quiet while playing
(Notice the blood under Brady's eye? 
They both cat scratched each other's face in a matter of seconds!)

Yanni is starting to acknowledge the babies a little! Brady thought it was fun.

Jax snoozing with his stuffed animal in the swing.
Playing together so nicely
Uh Oh! Jax took Brady's pacifier! (This is when the blood bath began!)
Jax in a trans with toys.
Before the poo got EVERYWHERE.
Ha ha! Enjoy!


Doubly Blessed said...

lol, I think they do they to us on purpose. I swear that must be what they babble to each other about.

Amanda said...

Explosive diarrhea HAS to be funny. Or else we would cry all day. I know what you mean about hearing it too-- Alex pooped in the grocery store and the lady next to us looked over in horror :)

Shannon said...

Aww too cute, and funny! lol

cat said...

Oh I remember days like that! And never mind the scratching - wait till the biting begins. We are having that in full swing at present.