Friday, February 20, 2009

When it rains...

it pours, right?

Well we brought Jax home yesterday. The doctor's said it was up to me with how comfortable I felt with Jax at home. He was still heaving or vomiting every couple hours, but honestly, it was time to come home. We have a follow-up on Tuesday at the hospital, so I'll take good notes over the next 5 days and see how he does. They put him on Zofran as well which is supposed to help with the nausea and vomiting. So he's technically on two drugs for the vomiting (and Prevacid for the acid), so I'm going to see if we can get rid of one of those drugs when we see the doctor on Tuesday. I'm always so overwhelmed when we bring Jax home because I have to figure out a whole new schedule for him with new drugs and feeding plans. Figuring out what supplies are needed with the medical company, new O2 tanks and if RSV/flu shots can be given in the home or not. Not to mention learn his new recipe for formula (mixed with Pedialyte or extra calories) and the rate/dose to run his pump at, and now there are all new ports to feed certain things into, and vent other parts...I should really just start my own TV program out of the house...I could be the Martha Stewart of infant reflux and how to organize it all :)

So Jax has actually been doing very well in my opinion since coming home! The only problem is....Brady is sick! He started having diarrhea on Wednesday night, and then yesterday totally blew out his clothes and most everything in Jaxon's hospital room! They had a cleaning crew come in and everything. A little while later he threw up. His pediatrician thinks he has a viral infection. We're feeding him pedialyte and soy formula with hopes it will pass. No fever or anything yet, so we've got our eyes on him big time.

Last night Brady kept us up with his diarrhea, while Jax snoozed like an angel! Jax never heaved or vomited the whole night, even when he woke up fussing here and there. Brady woke him at 5:30am and Jax ended up heaving a little bit then (very typically for Jax to heave when he first wakes up), but he's been doing so well! I wonder if the Zofran is really helping.

We have to keep the boys as separated as possible and clean all the toys and separate those too, because there's SO many hours in the day to do all that! I can't keep up...I've got one puking and the other pooing everywhere...oh the joys of being a mom! PLEASE GOD, don't let Jax get this, he really couldn't handle it.

I swear the boys are just tag-teaming and trading nights to keep us up! 


Heather said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS on Jax being home! Yay! It sounds like he is doing better being ih his own place than the hospital.

Sorry to hear about Brady. I find that when any of my girls go away for visits to grandparents or aunts/uncles, even without there being other children around,they tend to come home with a little bug. I think just being off their "routine" can do it. Anyway, I pray that Jax stays stomach-bug free.

Wish I could come by and clean some toys for you. You know, in all that free time we have! lol! Have a great weekend with your boys.

Anonymous said...

I am praying that both of your boys heal very quickly. I admire all of your strength, I just don't know how you do it! I have one healthy baby and it exhausts me. You are truly my hero! I truly love the pictures of your boys, they are adorable. {{{Hugs}}}

SweetJenna (the Nest)

Laura said...

I think they do Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes first. Hang in there! I wish I could help you guys.

Linda said...

Congrats on Jax being home and it sounds like he's doing well! I'm SO glad to hear it! I hope Brady is feeling better VERY soon and that it doesn't spread through the house. Hugs!!!!

Mommy22boys said...

Congratulations on Jax coming home! I stumbled upon your blog and it truly touched me.
I will continue to pray for your boys.

Brook said...

WooHoo! I am so glad to hear Jax is home! Sorry though that Brady is feeling poopy :( Give them a little squeeze for me! Brook

ThreeRingCircus said...

Those silly little boys have a thing goin'!! You know they get together and babble together their plan :).

Jamie & Nicol said...

Hang in there girl. You guys are doing an amazing job. My twins are 10 months old and I have a hard time keeping up, I really don't know how you guys do it. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
JPBRIDE2004 (the bump)