Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Runny nose = no sleep

Jaxon did well at the chiropractor yesterday. He was much more relaxed, and pretty smiley through most of it. The doctor said he was very happy with how much straighter his head was aligned. It's true, his torticollis looks fabulous. We'll continue with the chiropractor sessions, since they seem to really help with his posture, torticollis and overall demeanor. Wouldn't it be nice if the vomiting just suddenly started melting away?? We can always hope!
Jax however, did NOT sleep well even after the adjustment. He's just too congested. Our home-nurse stopped by to listen to him, and she said his lungs were clear, so she suspects a simple cold thankfully. I was up sucking his nose out every 30 minutes with a bulb syringe and listening to him fight to breathe all night. Needless to say, Jax or I did not get sleep at all...again. 

Rachel is stopping at the store for me on the way here to pick up an electronic nasal aspirator. I plan to sleep with it like a teddy bear, and use it as my weapon on Jaxon's nose tonight :)

Brady's RSV shot has now been denied again. We're chalking this shot up to a lost cause now at this point. Fighting with insurance is exhausting! So of course, Brady didn't get the shot, and poor little Jax is the one who ends up with a runny nose - irony at its finest.

Monday, March 30, 2009

They're cute...that's all I wanted to say

Let's just look at some pictures from the weekend before I type anything...

My handsome men.
Jaxon Wallace
Brady Michael
Jaxon and Daddy watching basketball.
My loves. 
(Brady left, Jaxon right)
Great Grandma Carol with the boys.
Brady wants everyone to see his booty. 
(Yes, he's wearing his bib as a cape, and only a diaper...why not...)

Jaxon has a pretty bad runny nose which is making sleeping impossible. I had his oxygen on him overnight and he ripped it off so hard, the tape left an owey on his cheek. He's been up every 20 minutes after 2/3am for the past 2 nights. We're exhausted. Jason left this morning for a business trip through Wednesday night. I'm hoping Jaxon's cold doesn't get any worse while he's gone. Nana and Papa Letts are here to help tonight and then Rachel the rest of the days. I have our home-nurse stopping by to just do a quick listen to Jaxon's chest since he has the congestion. I just can't be too safe with him.

So Jax has his 2nd chiropractor appointment this afternoon...I'm really hoping it will help him sleep better again tonight...we could all use some sleep.
Also, we were able to get insurance to approve Brady's April RSV shot, so we're coordinating all of that. Major big thanks to Nurse Peggy from our ped's office for working so hard to get that. She's said they're waiting for the county report if there will be a MAY RSV shot. She said some years there is and some not...depends on how many cases there are reported in the past month to determine if it's still a threat. So we'll see if this is the last of it or not.

Thank you for all the support and well wishes for Jax. I'm still researching everything I can to see if something else clicks. I'm obviously not accepting that either of the upcoming tests are what's wrong with him (I die inside thinking of them). 

I keep thinking back to Friday's appointment and replay everything the doctors were saying or did. I realized that the awkward moments of silence with our primary specialist (who ordered the MRI) was observing Jax, and then made the decision for the MRI. I like to think that this doctor is still holding onto hope that this really is just a bad case of reflux that is lasting longer and is more severe than any patient he's seen. I hate the fact that the other specialist is quite certain Jax has some life-long disease. I just can't accept that yet. Wouldn't a disease involving the intestines have SOME symptoms in the stool?? Jaxon has never had issues with that - it's always been upper GI. I hate the fact that we were offered to have a social worker out to the house to help us cope with all this. Don't seal our fate yet.

Does anyone out there have any other suggestions? The two suggestions that I brought with me (EE and the allergies) were both acknowledged as possibilities, but it turns out that the way you treat both of those conditions is with Neocate...which is the formula Jax has been on for months.

It's odd. This whole time they've been saying "reflux", a part of me thought they weren't right. Now they're saying it may NOT be reflux, and in fact testing for other things. And I hate it...I want to go back to them patting me on the shoulder and insuring me "he'll grow out of it".

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not a good appointment

Sooo I had a nice hopeful day that was pretty much completely shot down from the doctors at Jaxon's appointment today. Even though Jax had a good night (only up 4 times with two doses of Zofran and one dose of Mylanta) I kept a log of how much he heaved or vomited since getting up at 6:30am. By the time we were at the appointment, my tally marks said 12...which led to 13 by the time the doctor actually came into the room. I've also decided that the GI specialists should just move into our house since Jax NEVER heaves in front of them...ever...like totally never. He heaved in front of the nurse, the dietitian and then the dietitian's friend.

Well, our primary specialist is baffled. He truly believed Jaxon would be somewhat better by this age. After a long appointment of talking back and forth and some moments of just silence and looking at Jax, the doctor decided to bring in another specialist to talk to us about some other tests. But our primary specialist wants Jax to get an MRI to check for neurological disorders that may be causing the vomiting (can you hear my heart sinking?).

So the other GI specialist came in to talk with us. We've of course met this man many times over Jaxon's past hospital stays. He has suggested an intestinal motility test be done. This would tell us if Jaxon's intestinal nerve endings are working correctly or not. Vomiting without food in your stomach, but in your intestines is a symptom. There are some big words for all this, but from what we understand, they are now looking for a disease that he could possibly have. The doctor said the good news if he tested positive for this, is that we have an answer. The bad news is this would not be a good diagnosis. He could quite possibly never eat again. This specialist does not believe that Jaxon's current symptoms are reflux...he flat out said, "this isn't reflux".

(taking a deep breath to finish this post...)

I've scheduled his MRI, and of course the first open date was May 11...and the motility test takes 6 weeks as well. We may get lucky and get in sooner for the motility test since we live in town. Apparently this Children's Hospital is one of only 3 in the country that performs this test, so people fly in from everywhere for it. If some one's test can't be performed for whatever reason, we can be there same day to take their spot.

I hate the fact that we had to leave the hospital today with no way of helping Jax, and knowing we have to wait 6 wks to do two different tests, that either could have devastating results. I'm doing my best to stay positive and hope for the best until we know for sure. It's so hard when you watch him heave, retch and vomit...your heart tells you, "this isn't right".

Please God...just...please.

We may be on to something

I feel hopeful today. The boys slept much better last night. This could be coincidental from the chiropractor, or not...time will tell. He did tell us that the boys should sleep better, and Jason laughed, but of course hoped he was right.

But instead of Jax being up every 20-40 minutes screaming and vomiting after 2am, he slept straight through from 6:30pm-1:30am and was up a total of 4 times from 1:30am-6:30am with only one of those times up screaming for a minute or two. I gave him some Mylanta through his tube at 5am and he slept until 6:30am. It was the first night in 9 days he didn't get any Tylenol or anything, and he was picked up from bed without screaming, he was just hanging out awake.
Brady slept from 6:30pm-5:55am, so almost 11.5 hrs straight through without even a paci cry. The mood in the house is so much lighter today. Jay was amazed, and is starting to be hopeful about the chiropractic help now too.

The doc looked at Jaxon immediately with huge eyes...he wanted to get his hands on him bad!!! He said he needs to see Jax twice a week for the next month to really work on his neck/shoulder area. He asked if he was wedged funny in utero... sure enough his head was cranked down into my pelvis for the last 3 months while I was pregnant.
He said Brady is in great shape and could use an adjustment maybe once every other week. Brady of course giggled through the whole evaluation and thought it was fun...not so much for Jax as expected. He cries when we work on his shoulders for his occupational therapy sessions, so we weren't surprised. The doc said that if vertebrae are out of alignment, they can compress nerves that send correct signals to the brain to make the body operate properly. He said Jaxon's nerve signals are completely all out of whack.

I also received two comments on my last post about a few things to bring up to the doctor today. One is "EE" (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) which causes vomiting in babies. It's detected through EGD's, which we've had two of, but only if a biopsy is taken.

The other thing I'm going to ask about is IgE and IgG allergy testing which cause reflux symptoms that continue if not found and treated.

So...we'll continue with the chiropractic care. If it's working or not, we'll know for sure soon, but so far the babies have been fantastic since yesterday. My online friend Laura (who has two preemie twin sons both on GJ tubes for "reflux") had infant massage done on the boys and they seem to be having similar results as my boys in the last 24 hrs. Very interesting and something to pay attention to I think. 

I'll keep you all updated of course on any of these things we'll be exploring. And thank you to the strangers online who give suggestions - we REALLY appreciate it.

Happy boys this morning:

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jaxon's results have come back good. But then again...I have doctor's telling me that one more thing on him is completely fine and healthy, when clearly something is wrong.

Soooo I had a long tearful talk with the doc's personal nurse. I told her that Jaxon's constant night screaming is affecting our whole family for the worse and we're at our breaking point again. A baby should NOT try vomiting 15+ times a day...

We are exhausted physically and mentally. This "reflux" is lasting way longer than expected at a high frequency. Something isn't adding up and just isn't right. Could this be a simple missed allergy? Could it be something wrong with his intestinal tract? Is this really just reflux that will go away in the next few months?? The not knowing is awful.

The GI clinic wants to see Jaxon tomorrow at 1:30pm and I've been warned that he may be staying again. If he has to stay, it's bitter sweet. They agree something is wrong and want to figure it out, but at the same time, it's unsettling to have an entire group of the best GI specialists not really know what's wrong.

The boys will be having their chiropractor evaluations today. We'll keep pushing forward until something is figured out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost forgot...

The home nurse weighed the boys and Brady is a solid little truck :)

Brady - 16lbs, 14oz
Jax - 14lbs, 14oz

This is the weight difference I've been feeling!

ALWAYS somethin'

Jaxon had blood venting out of his g-tube this morning. I took pictures of the overnight diaper (that was venting his tube) and then the morning diaper that had 3hrs of stomach contents in it. I sent the pictures into the GI clinic at the hospital. I received a call back requesting Jax have a blood sample drawn at the hospital and to do a couple other things:

 - Only give Tylenol rather than Motrin (I had given him Motrin overnight which is Ibuprofen).
- Take him to the ER if he is pale, uninterested in normal activities or has black stool.
- Use his uresil bag to catch his stomach contents instead of the diaper so I can measure what comes out.
- Try giving him Mylanta 4x's a day for 3 days to coat his stomach.

I told the doc that Jax has been up a lot at night screaming, and he's vomiting a lot more again. The Zoloft seems to be losing its effectiveness.

So we went to the hospital and had his labs done. I haven't heard anything tonight, so either that's a good sign, or the doc didn't receive the results yet. I assume they will call me tomorrow. I was pretty nervous all day about it, but am starting to relax and hoping for the best. I'm not seeing much blood at all anymore draining out. It always seems to be something, doesn't it? Poor Jax...he had two RSV shots in the morning and then blood drawn in the afternoon. My heart breaks for him.

When we got home from the hospital, Brady kept rubbing Jaxon's head very gently and it was so sweet to watch. These babies steal my heart.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sitting better and a Chiro visit

Brady sits up now like it's his job, and Jaxon is actually catching on MUCH quicker than I expected. He's still not strong enough to sit without holding his legs, feet or floor, but I'm so proud of his progress.

Jason and I are taking the boys for an evaluation at a Chiropractor on Thursday. We've heard from many people (and did some online research) that it can be helpful for infants with reflux, and other problems like torticollis, colic etc. We'll try anything at this point. Jaxon is just up all night long, and you can forget sleeping longer than 20 minutes at a time once 3 or 4am hits. He is a screaming/puking mess  by 6am (and you can bet it wakes Brady up), so we've been putting them to bed between 6-6:30 pm. To our surprise...they go down like normal and still get up at the same time...huh!

The boys looking at me and smiling early in the morning, while I mixed up Brady's breakfast of pears and oatmeal. I sit right in the middle of them with my wet wipes armed.
The boys playing nicely and watching (gasp!) a cartoon on the Noggin channel. I just thought this was a cute picture for a memory. We have blankets covering everything, and even plastic over the fireplace to keep cool air from pouring in. We can't light any fires/candles anyway because of the oxygen tanks.
Brady NOT helping Jaxon sit up by pushing him!
Jax told him to back off!
There...now everyone is happy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pullin' out tubes

It's always eventful at our house! Jason changed Jaxon on Saturday morning and there was his tube hanging down with blood soaking Jaxon's pajamas. UGH! So I called the X-Ray department at the hospital and we were on our way. It was a simple fix of deflating the balloon and placing the tube back into position. We were lucky that the "j" part of the tube never came all the way out of his intestines, so it was simple fix on their part. Always something though, right?

Jaxon is working hard on sitting up. He can do it unassisted for a minute or so, but he slouches so far forward that I think he's resting on his belly more than sitting up! That will be our project for awhile now. 

Getting Brady to get up on all fours while on his tummy (in preparation of crawling) is just not going anywhere. That kid does not want to stay on his tummy long enough to try. So when I make him, I grab his legs and he stiffens them up so I'm wheel-barreling him - SO FUNNY! He laughs so hard and now thinks it's a game.

We've been enjoying the weather with MANY walks around the neighborhood, it's so nice to be outside! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The funny thing about this photo is Brady off to the left. He will stop whatever he's doing and smile if he sees a camera...even when the picture isn't of him! He's my little "Vanity Smurf". We've caught him in a few past photos doing this too, hilarious!

Jaxon working on sitting up like a big boy. His feeding-tube backpack is his crutch here.
Brady showing us why he needs to wear a bib!
The boys enjoying their pants off!
Jaxon sitting up with his brother. The sloutch forward gets pretty extreme!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sitting Up

Brady is sitting up! He's been doing pretty good this week playing with toys while sitting like a big boy. We still pad his area around him with pillows for the occasional spill, but he's catching on quick. I've been really starting to work with Jax on this. He's starting to warm up to the idea, so my goal is to have him sitting up unassisted by his 9 month birthday.

We brought the boys in to see their pediatrician this afternoon. The boys have both been up screaming through the night. In which case, being the good parents we are, we assume they're just teething and so we drug them with Tylenol or Infant Motrin to get them quiet. Well, after a few nights of this, I started feeling guilty and we paid a visit to the doc to just make sure they didn't have an ear infection or something. My suspicions were confirmed. The doc shined a light on their gums and we could see their bottom front teeth making their way up the gums. The doctor said it could be a matter of days for one to break through, but probably a few weeks...you just never know. But their ears looked fine.

So now we know for sure what the crankiness is all about. We were given the "okay" to give Tylenol, and assured we were doing the right thing. This was our first official pediatrician visit for something other than their check ups. It feels like we're always around medical staff, but it's always been for Jaxon's condition, and never for an actual ailment. I never even brought them in when they had their diarrhea virus, I just kept in contact with the doctor every few days since there were no fevers.

The boys flirted through the whole appointment. We received some thick cream to put on Brady since he has rather dry/sensitive skin...other than that, they just have some teeth coming in! The doctor was happy to know we're seeing Pulmonary in two weeks for Jax...she didn't seem very happy with his breathing....(sigh)...maybe he'll surprise us all and be an Olympic runner some day :)

And the surprise of the day...Brady weighed 16lbs! Jax was 14lbs, 11oz...I KNEW Brady weighed at least a pound more! I think the nurse's scale was way off. The pediatrician's scale is always a few ounces less than the GI's and home-nurse, so I think Brady weighs a bit more, and Jax weighed in at this weight 3 days ago...so that makes sense too that he would be a few ounces more.  They will be weighed again on Wednesday at the house for their last RSV shots...we'll see again on the nurse's scale. Seriously...if you picked these boys up, it was VERY obvious that there's at least a pound difference. 

Brady sitting up like a big boy.

Ohhh look at the trouble he's already getting into when sitting up! The cat pulled away and Brady went down. Yanni was actually was pretty good about it.
I told Daddy to entertain them while I cooked dinner...this is what I walked in on.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Jaxon had a GI follow up at Childrens Hospital this morning. The good thing is that this is the first monthly follow up where things haven't got worse. They've pretty much remained the same over the past 4 weeks since we last saw the docs. So this is what came out of this appointment:

1. Jaxon weighed in at 14 lbs, 11 oz. A nice weight gain. This means his body is working properly and they are very happy with this.

2. We are adding a lot more Pedialyte to his formula to make up for all the lost fluids we vent out of this stomach. But yet, we're going to start keeping his g-port closed for a few hours at a time to allow his stomach to start feeling contents in it, and to start stretching it back out slowly. Obviously if he starts getting yucky, I'll open this port...but we will slowly try to close it more and more.

3. His Zofran medication has been increased to almost double due to weight gain. I'm going to try and use it only 3x's a day. The less you use of this, the longer it will work I guess. We assumed it has stopped working for him, but the doc said he just may not be getting a high enough dosage. Remember this is the drug that is used solely for nausea and vomiting. We're trying to make him more comfortable while he grows out of this.

4. I've received a packet of paperwork to fill out to submit Jaxon into the Feeding Program. He would begin as an outpatient and work with various therapists to get his mouth/throat/stomach working again. There is a four month wait to get into this!! The nurse told me that Jax may be able to get in sooner since he doesn't require all the therapist (ie - Psychiatrist). 
It's clear that Jax has developed a VERY SEVERE case of desensitised mouth/throat/stomach since he hasn't used these things in months. If you put a drop of water in his mouth, he'll violently vomit. This isn't reflux. It's a side affect from the reflux, since he could no longer eat orally. His oral aversion needs to start being addressed, so when his reflux does calm down, he is able to feed orally again some day.
The doc told me that once he's accepted into this program, his complete care is in this program. He wasn't ready to talk about this program until he knew that Jax was working anatomically correct with feeding tubes and weight gain. I think this program will be the trick to someday be tube-free. But first we need to get a little further along to being reflux-free.

5. I can try to put a little Maalox into his g-port during his "witching hour". Around 3am Jax falls apart and heaves every 20-30 minutes. The doc said to try putting a bit of this into his stomach to see if he can get a bit of relief during this time. We'll see how that goes.

6. And finally....I had another "come to Jesus" talk with the doc. He said that the magic number in the GI world when it comes to infant reflux is 22lbs or the age of 1. He said that Jax is considered 6 months old anatomically right now. Reflux peaks at 4-6 months. Since he has such a severe case, the doc believes he has peaked this past month and we can start to see progression forward now over the next few months. We are told to not be confused with his oral aversion to vomiting when anything is in his mouth. That's not the reflux, but again...a side affect to being tube-fed, which was very necessary for him to gain weight and thrive.

So we're hoping that while Jaxon's reflux gets better over the next few months, he can start this feeding program. The doctor told me to expect Jax to be considerably better with the reflux by his birthday, and he has high hopes that he'll be eating orally by the end of summer without a tube. We can only hope...

In other news, we think the boys are teething like crazy. We have a suspicion that Brady is cutting his top right FANG (aka his incisor). Wouldn't that be cute? Can you hear the sarcasm? Time will tell very soon if that will be his first tooth. My kids don't like to do anything "ordinary", so it would totally be them to not cut their bottom front teeth like most babies do! :)

The boys ready to go for an evening walk!
Morning medication ritual. 
(The diaper wraps around the GJ-tube)
Jax being cute in his highchair.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

8 month photos!

The photos were done at Kiddie Kandids inside Babies R Us. We totally recommend this studio. We weren't rushed, and they were very patient and accommodating with Jaxon and his tube. Brady just LOVES having pictures taken. Jax was okay for a few minutes, but isn't a big fan of being positioned. They found ways to hide his tube and made the experience pretty enjoyable. We were able to get a very large 16x20 sepia tone of the boys together for our living room and some other neat little things for such an affordable package price in comparison to our Target experience. We're going to have a very bare large wall open next week because we're getting rid of the large floor mirror, so the large photo will work perfectly. We're trying to make the living room and family room kid-friendly!
Enjoy the photos :)

Friday, March 13, 2009


So after another night of Brady hanging backwards off his bumbo seat while I tried to feed him dinner, I had enough and broke out the highchairs! I figured he would be less distracted away from his play space. So I put Jax in one as well so he could be part of it all too. Poor Jax doesn't fit well in it yet and pretty much falls to the side - so I padded him up with some towels! They both loved looking out the patio door while sitting there.

Both boys have been bears to get to sleep lately. The boys skipped their last nap yesterday, and were both super tired at 6:45pm. So we each took one and they both fell asleep by 7pm. Well...they both cried off and on until after 8pm. Not sure what the deal is lately. Hopefully this is a phase that passes, which happens with Brady randomly. He of course is still swaddled...my gosh...can you imagine a three year old swaddled? Maybe he'll give up the swaddle, when Jax gives up the tubes...maybe they're doing twin-talk behind my back :)

Our nurse stopped by the house today to get accurate weights of the boys to order their next and final round of RSV shots. Their shot dosage is determined by their weights and I wanted very accurate doses since we'll be starting to venture out over the next month, and April is still RSV season. They'll get these shots on March 25, to cover them thru April.

The weights SHOCKED the nurse (Stacey) and I! Brady feels like a heavy tank in comparison to Jax. I actually have a harder time lifting Brady when I'm on the floor in comparison to Jax. Well these were their weights!

Jax - 14lbs, 4oz
Brady - 14lbs,  9oz

Now I think Jax may weigh a few ounces less than this, since his tube and everything was on...but I thought for sure they had a 1-2lb difference since the hospital stay. Maybe it's because Brady's head is so big...who knows. Wow...

Wish us luck with their 8 month old pictures tomorrow. They won't have professional ones done for four more months on their birthdays! Well they're kinda like their 6 month pictures, but for all intents and purposes, it's their 8 month!

This was the final straw of trying to feed Brady in the living room!
Jax sitting in his big-boy high chair too!
Brady was an instant pro in his chair and ate his dinner much quicker.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shameless photos

Some day these photos will not be in the living room (which is now a day care).

Brady loving sweet potatoes!
We haven't found anything that he doesn't like yet.
Jaxon in the usual position of chewing on his fingers.
Therapy with Miss Karen.
Big boy sitting up with hardly any help.
And down he goes...
Brady liked sucking on the ice.
Then it got too cold!
Boys being silly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So close, yet so far away

The pulmonary specialist from Children's Hospital called me with Jaxon's results. She said he averaged 93% and he needed 94% to pass. She asked if he was up crying or sick at all. He was up the first hour crying off and on because Brady was up screaming his head off. I told her he's a little congested right now, and he wakes up through the night heaving because of reflux. Obviously every one's oxygen goes down when trying to throw up. The time change wasn't helpful with this test at all since the boys are out of sorts at the changed bedtime. We had so many things working against us.

She let out a loud sigh, and felt really bad. She said she wished the machine started after he was asleep, but know that's impossible to do. She said he's not in danger since he was SO close, but anything under 94% is a risk for respiratory infections. She said to try to put it on, or in the least when he's sick or congested.

Jax has an appointment with Pulmonary on April 3. She said she'll review him and order another night study after that. I just want one less tube for this baby, and some sort of step forward.

Overnight O2 test

Jaxon had his overnight pulse-ox study done last night. We had a machine that records his O2 sats. I was so mad at Brady since he was an absolute bear. He kept screaming, which caused Jax to wake up and cry, which of course made his oxygen levels go down. I'd like to think that when they look at the results, they can see his elevated heart rate meaning he's crying. UGH. I know it shouldn't matter...but I just want him to pass that test and be done with the oxygen for good! Hopefully the hospital will call me soon, but I have a feeling that I'll be calling them looking for the results.

Brady continues to babble and love food off a spoon more and more. We're going to try carrots or sweet potatoes tonight. I'm trying to change his schedule during the day with dropping one bottle. It's hard since he has to eat smaller amounts more often for his reflux, but I was able to do it yesterday and trying today. He's decided to randomly be up at night again. It could be teething, reflux...who knows! We swaddle him, then un-swaddle him, we feed him an extra ounce or two of food, we rock, pat, bounce and in the end give some Tylenol in case it's teething. It took about an hour and a half to get him stay sleeping. He ended up in our bed at 4:30am. He'll do this for randomly. He's been sleeping thru the night often, then BAM...he doesn't want to.  Throw that in with Jaxon's cries and heaves and it makes for lovely nights and very early mornings. Jax actually did well last night. He didn't wake up (once finally getting to sleep from listening to Brady scream) until 4am for the first time.

In other news - the boys finally have a baptism scheduled! It will be Saturday, May 23. It feels good to have that planned. We picked a nearby church that made blankets for the boys in the NICU. For those of you who don't know us in real life, this is because we haven't joined a church since living in the area we live in, and have decided to not bring the boys home to do  it. We need to set some church-roots down where we live. I can already hear Brady screaming for fun and trying to play in the water :)

Boys playing on the floor...and Big B is screaming in Jaxon's ear.
Hi babies!
Daddy's home!!!
This is what happens when you put the free environmental diapers on a baby for more than 2 hrs. It leaks completely through the clothes, and then mommy and daddy get to take pictures of you changing! There's a shirt on your head Brady!
Brady screaming - because it's Monday apparently.
This is how Brady tells me he's done eating. He throws himself backwards and the tray flips off! Nice and subtle...