Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ALWAYS somethin'

Jaxon had blood venting out of his g-tube this morning. I took pictures of the overnight diaper (that was venting his tube) and then the morning diaper that had 3hrs of stomach contents in it. I sent the pictures into the GI clinic at the hospital. I received a call back requesting Jax have a blood sample drawn at the hospital and to do a couple other things:

 - Only give Tylenol rather than Motrin (I had given him Motrin overnight which is Ibuprofen).
- Take him to the ER if he is pale, uninterested in normal activities or has black stool.
- Use his uresil bag to catch his stomach contents instead of the diaper so I can measure what comes out.
- Try giving him Mylanta 4x's a day for 3 days to coat his stomach.

I told the doc that Jax has been up a lot at night screaming, and he's vomiting a lot more again. The Zoloft seems to be losing its effectiveness.

So we went to the hospital and had his labs done. I haven't heard anything tonight, so either that's a good sign, or the doc didn't receive the results yet. I assume they will call me tomorrow. I was pretty nervous all day about it, but am starting to relax and hoping for the best. I'm not seeing much blood at all anymore draining out. It always seems to be something, doesn't it? Poor Jax...he had two RSV shots in the morning and then blood drawn in the afternoon. My heart breaks for him.

When we got home from the hospital, Brady kept rubbing Jaxon's head very gently and it was so sweet to watch. These babies steal my heart.


Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Oh, you have the sweetest boys - I pray that Jax gets better soon!

Laura said...

Brady is such a sweetie! Glad to hear that no news is good news. Not sure, but why don't they have Jax on a ferral bag instead of the venting thing for his belly? I would think they want the air to escape and the fluid to go back in? It doesn't really help the heaving with either bag, but at least you know he's getting those fluids back and the ferral bad is spill proof so you don't have any mess at all to clean up in a diaper. Just wondering. Hope tonight is better for you all!

Doubly Blessed said...

Oh my gosh, this picture is the sweetest!! Caring for his brother!

Jenn said...

Compassionate at such a young age...too adorable.

Pam said...

oh annie, that is the sweetest thing i have ever seen! even cuter than my boys all hugging tonight for the first time. :D

Heather said...

That is so sweet, Brady comforting Jax. My fingers are crossed that hopefully this is from the Motrin and nothing more serious. Hugs and prayers are with you!

Amy said...

Oh that picture is so sweet! What a nice brother!