Friday, March 13, 2009


So after another night of Brady hanging backwards off his bumbo seat while I tried to feed him dinner, I had enough and broke out the highchairs! I figured he would be less distracted away from his play space. So I put Jax in one as well so he could be part of it all too. Poor Jax doesn't fit well in it yet and pretty much falls to the side - so I padded him up with some towels! They both loved looking out the patio door while sitting there.

Both boys have been bears to get to sleep lately. The boys skipped their last nap yesterday, and were both super tired at 6:45pm. So we each took one and they both fell asleep by 7pm. Well...they both cried off and on until after 8pm. Not sure what the deal is lately. Hopefully this is a phase that passes, which happens with Brady randomly. He of course is still gosh...can you imagine a three year old swaddled? Maybe he'll give up the swaddle, when Jax gives up the tubes...maybe they're doing twin-talk behind my back :)

Our nurse stopped by the house today to get accurate weights of the boys to order their next and final round of RSV shots. Their shot dosage is determined by their weights and I wanted very accurate doses since we'll be starting to venture out over the next month, and April is still RSV season. They'll get these shots on March 25, to cover them thru April.

The weights SHOCKED the nurse (Stacey) and I! Brady feels like a heavy tank in comparison to Jax. I actually have a harder time lifting Brady when I'm on the floor in comparison to Jax. Well these were their weights!

Jax - 14lbs, 4oz
Brady - 14lbs,  9oz

Now I think Jax may weigh a few ounces less than this, since his tube and everything was on...but I thought for sure they had a 1-2lb difference since the hospital stay. Maybe it's because Brady's head is so big...who knows. Wow...

Wish us luck with their 8 month old pictures tomorrow. They won't have professional ones done for four more months on their birthdays! Well they're kinda like their 6 month pictures, but for all intents and purposes, it's their 8 month!

This was the final straw of trying to feed Brady in the living room!
Jax sitting in his big-boy high chair too!
Brady was an instant pro in his chair and ate his dinner much quicker.


ivory and jamie said...

HA! The boys finally outweigh Emma! Good work fellas!

Heidi said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog but I've been following your story since right before the boys were born. Your boys are adorable.
I have four month old twin girls and for neater & quicker feeding time I highly recommend the Boon - BPA Squirt spoon found here -
I am actually going to write a post about it. Just thought I would pass it along to a fellow twin mama.

Heather said...

Great weights!

I love the picture of Brady in his highchair. So cute!

cat said...

I also could not understand why my one boy felt so much heavier than the other when the actual difference was little. Turned out the one is hypotonic. Now they actually have a huge difference due to muscle development.