Friday, March 6, 2009

Little by little

Jaxon rolled over last night! He went from his belly to his right side. It was only once and it was very very slow, but he did it. He seems to like to push half way, and then sit on his side and chew on his fingers! I shook a rattle violently the other way to make him push the rest of the way. I know it's not a normal roll, but he went from belly to back without anyone physically touching him. So I will be a drill sargent on him over the next few days trying to get him to do it more with ease. It will really help his muscle tone, which really needs to beef up a bit!

Brady is still working on sitting up. He's moving along nicely. My goal for him is one month, so we'll see how he does. Brady seemed to like oatmeal this morning, so that was a fun new thing for him to try.

We've taken the Uresil bag off of Jaxon's g-port, and just wrapped a small diaper around the open port so it can vent and drain. It seems to be working just fine, and honestly it's so much easier to play for Jax. So we'll see how that goes. Another online mom (Laura) who's twin boys have GJ tubes due to reflux told me she's getting Farrell bags to vent the g-port. I'm interested to see what these are and if they work for her guys. Her hospital also told her that her boys can have the Mc-Key button as soon as their entry sites heal up. Children's Hospital told us Jax can't have that until he's 20lbs - boo!! He'll be lugging around this big ole' tube til' the day he gets it out I bet! Well, that's me hoping and assuming he'll have that tube removed by 20lbs. Gosh...I can't even imagine little Jax without a tube. He watched me eat my cereal in amazement this morning...I just want to put a spoon of food in his mouth so badly to see how he does! Or like Laura has mentioned...what about his first birthday cake?? We'll deal with that in a few months I guess.

Well, here's the good stuff:

Brady likes toys that are in Jaxon's hand and not his own...
you can see where that's going to go!

They always seem to hold hands.
Brady in all his big-headed glory playing with Jax.
I put a boppy in front of Jax and behind him to start using the muscle group to try and sit up...he's a weeble wobble for sure!
Brady tries showing him how to do it with just one boppy!
Could this picture be any more sweet?!
Always holding hands.


The Wilsons said...

Great pictures Annie! I LOVE that second to the last one. Too cute! WTG Jax on rolling over!!! YAY!

Meg Nelson said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and think your boys are absolutely adorable!

The pictures of them holding hands are so sweet! My siblings were twins and they were the same way! What a bond!

Just wanted to say that you have the cutest little boys!

Becky said...

So cute! I have twin boys (almost 2). It is an adventure!

Amanda said...

There is just too much cuteness to handle! I love their hair, love their sweet smiles and LOVE the hand holding. Too perfect. They are great :)

Lani said...

They are too sweet with the hand-holding.. and I just wanna squeeze those rosy little cheeks!

Valerie said...

I love their hair. It's awesome. Mine went through a holding hands phase too. It's so sweet. And, way to go JAX!!!