Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Overnight O2 test

Jaxon had his overnight pulse-ox study done last night. We had a machine that records his O2 sats. I was so mad at Brady since he was an absolute bear. He kept screaming, which caused Jax to wake up and cry, which of course made his oxygen levels go down. I'd like to think that when they look at the results, they can see his elevated heart rate meaning he's crying. UGH. I know it shouldn't matter...but I just want him to pass that test and be done with the oxygen for good! Hopefully the hospital will call me soon, but I have a feeling that I'll be calling them looking for the results.

Brady continues to babble and love food off a spoon more and more. We're going to try carrots or sweet potatoes tonight. I'm trying to change his schedule during the day with dropping one bottle. It's hard since he has to eat smaller amounts more often for his reflux, but I was able to do it yesterday and trying today. He's decided to randomly be up at night again. It could be teething, reflux...who knows! We swaddle him, then un-swaddle him, we feed him an extra ounce or two of food, we rock, pat, bounce and in the end give some Tylenol in case it's teething. It took about an hour and a half to get him stay sleeping. He ended up in our bed at 4:30am. He'll do this for randomly. He's been sleeping thru the night often, then BAM...he doesn't want to.  Throw that in with Jaxon's cries and heaves and it makes for lovely nights and very early mornings. Jax actually did well last night. He didn't wake up (once finally getting to sleep from listening to Brady scream) until 4am for the first time.

In other news - the boys finally have a baptism scheduled! It will be Saturday, May 23. It feels good to have that planned. We picked a nearby church that made blankets for the boys in the NICU. For those of you who don't know us in real life, this is because we haven't joined a church since living in the area we live in, and have decided to not bring the boys home to do  it. We need to set some church-roots down where we live. I can already hear Brady screaming for fun and trying to play in the water :)

Boys playing on the floor...and Big B is screaming in Jaxon's ear.
Hi babies!
Daddy's home!!!
This is what happens when you put the free environmental diapers on a baby for more than 2 hrs. It leaks completely through the clothes, and then mommy and daddy get to take pictures of you changing! There's a shirt on your head Brady!
Brady screaming - because it's Monday apparently.
This is how Brady tells me he's done eating. He throws himself backwards and the tray flips off! Nice and subtle...


Heather said...

Absolutely adore the last picture. Josie, who is my "mild-mannered" one, does that too. Fingers crossed about the sleep O2study.

Did you ever know that you're my hero? Not to get all Bette Middler on you, but since Josie has had this RSV with gagging on secretions and then vomiting, I am constantly on the listen for the slightest sound because I am so afraid she will aspirate. I don't know how you dealt with Jax's heaving and vomiting as long as you did. I think it 100 times in the past two days. No joke. So anyway, that is why you are my hero. Have a good one!

Valerie said...

I love pics of Jax & Brady. They are such studs!

Becky said...

They are precious!