Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pullin' out tubes

It's always eventful at our house! Jason changed Jaxon on Saturday morning and there was his tube hanging down with blood soaking Jaxon's pajamas. UGH! So I called the X-Ray department at the hospital and we were on our way. It was a simple fix of deflating the balloon and placing the tube back into position. We were lucky that the "j" part of the tube never came all the way out of his intestines, so it was simple fix on their part. Always something though, right?

Jaxon is working hard on sitting up. He can do it unassisted for a minute or so, but he slouches so far forward that I think he's resting on his belly more than sitting up! That will be our project for awhile now. 

Getting Brady to get up on all fours while on his tummy (in preparation of crawling) is just not going anywhere. That kid does not want to stay on his tummy long enough to try. So when I make him, I grab his legs and he stiffens them up so I'm wheel-barreling him - SO FUNNY! He laughs so hard and now thinks it's a game.

We've been enjoying the weather with MANY walks around the neighborhood, it's so nice to be outside! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The funny thing about this photo is Brady off to the left. He will stop whatever he's doing and smile if he sees a camera...even when the picture isn't of him! He's my little "Vanity Smurf". We've caught him in a few past photos doing this too, hilarious!

Jaxon working on sitting up like a big boy. His feeding-tube backpack is his crutch here.
Brady showing us why he needs to wear a bib!
The boys enjoying their pants off!
Jaxon sitting up with his brother. The sloutch forward gets pretty extreme!


Laura said...

OMGOMGOMG! I got chills just reading the title to this post. I am so terrified that this will happen to us too. In fact I think Evan's is not in place exactly and this may be causing his bile increase and discoloration (from opaque white to dark yellow green)and an increase in heaving episodes. I'm glad this was an easy fix and they didn't need to put him under. I hope it didn't hurt him too much. Love the pics! They are obviously very happy children.
Found several long sleeved 6-12mos and 12-18mos footless sleepers today at Old Navy for $4 in the sale section. Still hunting for more. Take care!

Amanda said...

I am glad that they were able to get the tube back in quickly with no problem--though I am sure it scared to pants off you! the boys are adorable as always. Those grins melt my heart :)

Jenn said...

Any ideas on how to work on sitting up? My little guy is too thin for the Bumbo to hold him up and he just does the slouch forward or off to one side thing big time too.

Jenn said...

Thanks for your suggestions on working on trunk control. I am definitely going to do that. Your boys are just too precious! I cannot imagine having two of one is definitely enough work. You will surely have your hands full later on...I can already see the devilish look in their eyes :)

Heather said...

As always, the boys are just too adorable for words. You can really see all of your hard work with them paying off now. Way to go boys, bu way to go mama, too!

Oh, and I am glad everything turned out OK with the tube. I would have been a nervous wreck, but it sounds like you handled it well! Never a dull moment around your place, is there?

Wendy said...

No pants!! Woo!! Cute pics, can't believe the boys are sitting up now! :) Faery