Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Runny nose = no sleep

Jaxon did well at the chiropractor yesterday. He was much more relaxed, and pretty smiley through most of it. The doctor said he was very happy with how much straighter his head was aligned. It's true, his torticollis looks fabulous. We'll continue with the chiropractor sessions, since they seem to really help with his posture, torticollis and overall demeanor. Wouldn't it be nice if the vomiting just suddenly started melting away?? We can always hope!
Jax however, did NOT sleep well even after the adjustment. He's just too congested. Our home-nurse stopped by to listen to him, and she said his lungs were clear, so she suspects a simple cold thankfully. I was up sucking his nose out every 30 minutes with a bulb syringe and listening to him fight to breathe all night. Needless to say, Jax or I did not get sleep at all...again. 

Rachel is stopping at the store for me on the way here to pick up an electronic nasal aspirator. I plan to sleep with it like a teddy bear, and use it as my weapon on Jaxon's nose tonight :)

Brady's RSV shot has now been denied again. We're chalking this shot up to a lost cause now at this point. Fighting with insurance is exhausting! So of course, Brady didn't get the shot, and poor little Jax is the one who ends up with a runny nose - irony at its finest.


monica said...

I hope Jax feels better. And you can get some sleep again!

Abbey said...

The battery powered nasal aspirator will be your best friend! I love that thing!

Laura said...

I wonder if their denying you this last shot will pose a problem for next year's RSV season? Just a thought, and not a good one but I have my doubts about the effectiveness of the shot anyway. Sorry you're not sleeping well. I may have to invest in one of those battery aspirator thingies too. How does the chiro do the actual alignment? Is it just a massage or more than that?