Sunday, March 1, 2009

Single Hunk err Hunk Single

Brady has an infection in both of his eyes. Thankfully the on-call pediatrician was able to just call in a prescription so we didn't have to take him into the walk-in clinic over the weekend. Apparently it's very common for babies to get this with their hands and fingers in their mouth and by their nose while rubbing their eyes. His diarrhea has seemed to slow to almost nothing after 11 straight days. Jaxon is still going pretty strong with every diaper change. His vomiting has increased again. The doctor warned me the Zofran stops working, and then starts again...that is so weird.
Last night we decided to stop using the oxygen on Jax since my worst fear almost happened. Jason brought my dinner up to our bedroom so I could stay by Jax when he was put down for the night. After I finished, I brought my dishes downstairs and by the time I got back up to the room, Jax had the cannula tube around his neck and it was very tight! My heart almost stopped! That's enough of that. There's just no way to have him wear it anymore. He'll scream if we swaddle his arms, or put mittens on him. But obviously will pull the tube off his face without those things. So we're REALLY hoping his overnight test coming up says he can officially be off it.
The boys are definitely teething now. They chew on their fingers NON-stop, and even Jax does too! Which is nice because I'm supposed to keep trying to de-sensitise his gums for when we try oral feeds again. His own finger is doing what I'm supposed to be doing with a paci. I'm sure we'll see a tooth within the next two months. They'll be 6 months old physically in 2 wks, so the timeline makes sense.
I feel very accomplished this weekend. I cleaned out the boy's dresser and packed up all their clothes that are too small. I went through all our hand-me-downs that we've received and washed and organized clothes in drawers with labels up to 12 months. I even was able to sneak off while picking up Brady's prescription to get to a sale at Kohl's to complete the boy's need for pj's in the next size up. They are wearing size 6-9/9 month pj's, but only 6 month clothes...not that they wear many actual clothes yet...but soon they will! I loved putting away shorts and pants in their drawers for the warm months coming up. I need to find 6 or 9 month jeans somewhere.
We also have the boy's next pictures scheduled for their 8 month birthday. Because of the hospitalization we're on the 4-8-12 month schedule of pictures. Speaking of pictures, here's a couple cute ones of the studs from this morning after baths.


Amanda said...

Love the pictures!! Childrens Place had jeans on sale last week. It was 2 pairs for $22 but I had coupons too.

That is so scary about the oxygen tubing being around his neck. Hope the tests come back great so he can be O2 free.

For the diarrhea, our pedi told us to try probiotics mixed into their applesauce or yogurt. it worked wonders :)

Valerie said...

They are so cute. UGH...if it's not one thing it's another. And now Brady has an eye infection just as he's getting done with the bug. SORRY!

I can't wait for the warm weather too.

Heather said...

Scary about the oxygen tubing! I hope he passes his test too.

I hope Jax is over this soon. My girls are dealing with vomiting/diarrhea now, but due to the formula we were told to try. Back to the old expensive stuff.

I second the Children's Place for jeans. I also like Carter's jeans as well.

Those new pics are so adorable. Love it!

Laura said...

Love the curls! And no, no one mentioned that they had to be 20lbs to get the GJ McKey button! Damn it, I'm so fed up with my doctors not telling me everything.

Amber and Matt said...

Sounds like the right decision about the oxygen tube, fingers crossed for you that he does just fine!

BTW, you won't believe how fast you'll outgrow their clothes. Mine seemed like they were in preemie and newborn forever and now, I blink my eyes and they are in 18 & 24 month clothes...holy cow, where did the time go??

cat said...

Oh the Single Hunks are so cute!

Mary said...

I'm still praying for them! The pics are adorable.

P.S. You have an award on my blog.

The Wilsons said...

They are too adorable! I love the pictures!! I think about you often and hope all is going well for you! I wish I had some motivation to do the dresser cleaning...can you motivate me??