Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sitting better and a Chiro visit

Brady sits up now like it's his job, and Jaxon is actually catching on MUCH quicker than I expected. He's still not strong enough to sit without holding his legs, feet or floor, but I'm so proud of his progress.

Jason and I are taking the boys for an evaluation at a Chiropractor on Thursday. We've heard from many people (and did some online research) that it can be helpful for infants with reflux, and other problems like torticollis, colic etc. We'll try anything at this point. Jaxon is just up all night long, and you can forget sleeping longer than 20 minutes at a time once 3 or 4am hits. He is a screaming/puking mess  by 6am (and you can bet it wakes Brady up), so we've been putting them to bed between 6-6:30 pm. To our surprise...they go down like normal and still get up at the same time...huh!

The boys looking at me and smiling early in the morning, while I mixed up Brady's breakfast of pears and oatmeal. I sit right in the middle of them with my wet wipes armed.
The boys playing nicely and watching (gasp!) a cartoon on the Noggin channel. I just thought this was a cute picture for a memory. We have blankets covering everything, and even plastic over the fireplace to keep cool air from pouring in. We can't light any fires/candles anyway because of the oxygen tanks.
Brady NOT helping Jaxon sit up by pushing him!
Jax told him to back off!
There...now everyone is happy.


AJU5's Mom said...

In the second to last photo. it looks like Jax is actually fully sitting by himself - no holding on/support!

Heather said...

So I am in complete awe of your dining room. It is so clean.

Besides that, I feel for you with the night sleeping situation. I have heard good things about chiropracters for reflux too, so I pray that works for you.

Cutie-pies, as always, those boys of yours. I am still sitting here in awe at your clean and organized dining room...

Jenn said...

Please share your secret on keeping the house clean while raising twin boys with medical needs! I am a full-time working Mom with just one little one at home and I can't keep up! I wouldn't dare show you my kitchen table right now! You are amazing!

Also, I am doing what you suggested for my little guy while sitting...what improvement already! Thanks!

Valerie said...

I love pics of Jax & Brady!!

Laura said...

LOL! Your livingroom looks just like mine with all the towels and blankets and plastic covering the fireplace (ours is covering the bay window which is drafty). Let me know how the chiro visit goes, I'm searching for one now and have a PT coming to the house tomorrow to start teaching me infant massage. I'm dying to hear how the chiro works out!