Friday, March 20, 2009

Sitting Up

Brady is sitting up! He's been doing pretty good this week playing with toys while sitting like a big boy. We still pad his area around him with pillows for the occasional spill, but he's catching on quick. I've been really starting to work with Jax on this. He's starting to warm up to the idea, so my goal is to have him sitting up unassisted by his 9 month birthday.

We brought the boys in to see their pediatrician this afternoon. The boys have both been up screaming through the night. In which case, being the good parents we are, we assume they're just teething and so we drug them with Tylenol or Infant Motrin to get them quiet. Well, after a few nights of this, I started feeling guilty and we paid a visit to the doc to just make sure they didn't have an ear infection or something. My suspicions were confirmed. The doc shined a light on their gums and we could see their bottom front teeth making their way up the gums. The doctor said it could be a matter of days for one to break through, but probably a few just never know. But their ears looked fine.

So now we know for sure what the crankiness is all about. We were given the "okay" to give Tylenol, and assured we were doing the right thing. This was our first official pediatrician visit for something other than their check ups. It feels like we're always around medical staff, but it's always been for Jaxon's condition, and never for an actual ailment. I never even brought them in when they had their diarrhea virus, I just kept in contact with the doctor every few days since there were no fevers.

The boys flirted through the whole appointment. We received some thick cream to put on Brady since he has rather dry/sensitive skin...other than that, they just have some teeth coming in! The doctor was happy to know we're seeing Pulmonary in two weeks for Jax...she didn't seem very happy with his breathing....(sigh)...maybe he'll surprise us all and be an Olympic runner some day :)

And the surprise of the day...Brady weighed 16lbs! Jax was 14lbs, 11oz...I KNEW Brady weighed at least a pound more! I think the nurse's scale was way off. The pediatrician's scale is always a few ounces less than the GI's and home-nurse, so I think Brady weighs a bit more, and Jax weighed in at this weight 3 days that makes sense too that he would be a few ounces more.  They will be weighed again on Wednesday at the house for their last RSV shots...we'll see again on the nurse's scale. Seriously...if you picked these boys up, it was VERY obvious that there's at least a pound difference. 

Brady sitting up like a big boy.

Ohhh look at the trouble he's already getting into when sitting up! The cat pulled away and Brady went down. Yanni was actually was pretty good about it.
I told Daddy to entertain them while I cooked dinner...this is what I walked in on.


Christa said...

Such big boys!!! Enjoy these months...they go by fast! You can't get these "firsts" back, they only happen once!

audrey said...

You have such adorable boys!!! They look like they're going to be mischief makers one day :)

Pam said...

love those boys! so cute, and i just have to say they look a lot alike. :P

goooo brady!

Laura said...

Go Brady! You're one pound smaller than Cameron! And you sit better than he does. It is funny to feel how different they weigh.

Linda said...

Congrats on Brady sitting up! I love the shot of them sitting next to/on top of each other!

cat said...

Good going to the big boys!