Friday, March 27, 2009

We may be on to something

I feel hopeful today. The boys slept much better last night. This could be coincidental from the chiropractor, or not...time will tell. He did tell us that the boys should sleep better, and Jason laughed, but of course hoped he was right.

But instead of Jax being up every 20-40 minutes screaming and vomiting after 2am, he slept straight through from 6:30pm-1:30am and was up a total of 4 times from 1:30am-6:30am with only one of those times up screaming for a minute or two. I gave him some Mylanta through his tube at 5am and he slept until 6:30am. It was the first night in 9 days he didn't get any Tylenol or anything, and he was picked up from bed without screaming, he was just hanging out awake.
Brady slept from 6:30pm-5:55am, so almost 11.5 hrs straight through without even a paci cry. The mood in the house is so much lighter today. Jay was amazed, and is starting to be hopeful about the chiropractic help now too.

The doc looked at Jaxon immediately with huge eyes...he wanted to get his hands on him bad!!! He said he needs to see Jax twice a week for the next month to really work on his neck/shoulder area. He asked if he was wedged funny in utero... sure enough his head was cranked down into my pelvis for the last 3 months while I was pregnant.
He said Brady is in great shape and could use an adjustment maybe once every other week. Brady of course giggled through the whole evaluation and thought it was fun...not so much for Jax as expected. He cries when we work on his shoulders for his occupational therapy sessions, so we weren't surprised. The doc said that if vertebrae are out of alignment, they can compress nerves that send correct signals to the brain to make the body operate properly. He said Jaxon's nerve signals are completely all out of whack.

I also received two comments on my last post about a few things to bring up to the doctor today. One is "EE" (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) which causes vomiting in babies. It's detected through EGD's, which we've had two of, but only if a biopsy is taken.

The other thing I'm going to ask about is IgE and IgG allergy testing which cause reflux symptoms that continue if not found and treated.

So...we'll continue with the chiropractic care. If it's working or not, we'll know for sure soon, but so far the babies have been fantastic since yesterday. My online friend Laura (who has two preemie twin sons both on GJ tubes for "reflux") had infant massage done on the boys and they seem to be having similar results as my boys in the last 24 hrs. Very interesting and something to pay attention to I think. 

I'll keep you all updated of course on any of these things we'll be exploring. And thank you to the strangers online who give suggestions - we REALLY appreciate it.

Happy boys this morning:


Laura said...

Get out! This is just wonderful! When you see your Chiro next can you ask him if he can refer me to someone in the Annapolis, Maryland area???? OMG! That is truly amazing. The boys slept better last night too after a bath and more massage.

I think that all pediatricians who have preemies should put them all on massage and chiro treatments right away so we can avoid having to unnecessarily stumble into these Eureka moments.

Brook said...

Oh this is great news! I'm so glad the whole house got a good nights sleep!

Heather said...

Wow! This is wonderful! I am crossing my fingers that it keeps working. Good luck today with the appt. You guys are in my thoughts. You must feel like a million bucks after a half decent night's sleep! Thinking of you!

Jessica said...

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do!

Wendy said...

I am so so glad you guys had a good night!! Who doesn't love a trip to the chiro... ugh feels soo soo good :)