Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 Months

9 Months

Jaxon laughing at his feet!
There's a pillow on your head Brady!

Happy 9 month birthday babies!

Today was a very crazy day. As I was getting Jaxon ready to go to his GI follow-up appointment, he pulled his tube out. So we had to go to radiology at the hospital to get it replaced. By the time we were able to get up to the GI clinic, we had to wait an hour after that to be seen. So Jax and I went and checked out the new part of the hospital and ate some lunch. Childrens Hospital's new addition is beautiful by the way.
Jaxon's GI appointment went pretty much how I expected it to. Our regular GI doc still thinks this may possibly be a NASTY case of reflux (and we've all got our fingers crossed that it is). Although he does suspect some kind of stomach emptying issue. He said that if it turns out to be reflux, that Jaxon will be the most severe case on the books at Childrens Hosp...you know how my kids like to beat all odds, so maybe that's a good sign.

We won't be having the next GI appointment for 6 weeks, and in the meantime Jax will have his MRI and motility test done. So I would say that by the next GI appointment we'll have some answers and/or the vomiting may prove to be reflux by diminishing some. We'll see. We can't deny the fact that the nights are better, with just the awful "wee-hours".

Jax will start up Erythromycin at night for the next few weeks to see if that helps his reflux during the wee-hours. Yes...we tried this antibiotic in the hospital, but the doc wants him to try it longer than a week. Apparently a very low dose of this helps stomach motility. Since he had no side effects, we'll give it a try since we have no other options than to "wait and see".
We'll also be trying to close his g-port a bit more to let his stomach stretch...if you remember, we currently leave his g-tube open and vented into a diaper wrapped around it to keep his stomach as empty as possible (and supplementing his formula with pedialyte to make up for it).

OH! Jax threw up a bit in front of the specialist...wow...it's about time! Now of course I hate it when he throws up, but if you're gonna do it...do it in front of the doctor so I don't sound like I'm over exaggerating!

He's had a pretty pukey past two days, so I kinda thought that if he was going to ever do it, today would be the day. He actually had a lot of bloody pukes today because of his tube coming out....yuck. I had lots of towels/bibs to wash today.

Jaxon's current stats: 16lbs, 1oz and 25" (such a shorty pants) We'll know both of the boy's stats in two weeks for their next big check up at the pediatrician with growth chart percentages and everything. GI doc said his weight gain is more than expected, so we're fine on that front...I just need to stretch him out :) The growth chart percentages will be interesting since the boy's weights have pulled apart probably about 2lbs... we'll see!

Oh yeah...we're trying to break Brady of the swaddle since he kinda turns himself over being inclined in the crib, and hello...he's 9 months old. Even by his adjusted age of 7 months...come on buddy. So I put him in a wearable blanket aaaaand that was not good. He cried and cried and cried. So I put him in the bouncy seat and he was cool with that. So I thought...ok, we'll wean him of the swaddle by using the wearable blanket in the bouncy and moving to the crib in the next few days. NOT the case tonight. Talk about crying and throwing himself around! Jason ended up swaddling him IN the bouncy, since I'm a wreck with him swaddled in the crib in case he flips himself over. I know the doc said do whatever you can to get him (and yourselves) to sleep safe during this survival mode. So I guess that's what we're doing. (sigh...) I wonder when our "survival mode" is supposed to be over. And I wonder if Brady really will be swaddled until he's 18!


Shannon said...

Happy 9 months Jaxon and Brady!

Heather said...

Happy 9 months boys!

Wow... you really have been busy. I don't know how you do it. Some days I seriously just want to cry between the normal stuff of twins and Charlotte and then I read what you are going through with Jax and I have to snap myself out of it.

I really hope you get answers soon.

LOVE the pictures. Such flirts!

Laura said...

Happy 9mos~!
I think with multiples "survival mode" ends when they've successfully started and maintained their own families. But hopefully we get at least 4 consecutive hours of sleep every night by then. :-P

Jenn said...

At the risk of sounding like a total freak, I still like deep pressure. Sometimes I used to ask my husband to lay on me to squish me a little at night as I really liked to be wrapped tight basically. So, maybe, just maybe your little guy will want ot be swaddled forever :)

Kimberly said...

My little guy is about the same age as yours and has many of the same issues (no tube yet, though). I feel your pain and frustration. We are hoping Erythromycin will be our miracle cure (restarting it tomorrow for the 2nd time). Good luck to you and happy 9 months!

Anonymous said...

I just think you are amazing, dealing with all the health issues the boys have! Natalie has a daily meltdown if she doesn't sleep long enough, and it's enough to make me have one, too. You are truly super mom!

Happy 9 months to your beautiful boys!

Linda said...

Happy 9 months to the babies! I hope that over the next 6 weeks you get some answers. I think of you and little Jaxon often!

Anonymous said...

I think At the risk of sounding like a total freak, I still like deep pressure. anyway.....

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