Friday, April 3, 2009

Could we BE any more medical??

Jason's back is still a hot mess. He could barely get himself in and out of bed, and felt awful hearing me up with the babies all night. He's getting an MRI done this evening. Looks like he'll be seeing the chiropractor with Jax for awhile!

We took Brady to the pediatrician today to have his ears checked since he's been up screaming through the night while congested. Last night I got some peace from him after sticking him in a bouncy seat. That made me realize that he's either very bothered by the congestion while laying down, or an ear infection. Well...he's bothered by the congestion. His ears looked great, although his dry skin on his belly is requiring some steroid cream, so we ended up walking out with a prescription after all.

Jaxon had a good appointment with Pulmonary today. Even with a nasty stuffy nose, his O2 levels were measuring great at the office. They think he sounds really great. When his cold is over, we're ordering another overnight pulse ox study to see if we can be done with the oxygen tanks forever. The specialist seemed very optimistic and said she thinks Jax will be graduating from the Pulmonary program after this next test. That would be SO nice...I will light a few candles the day these tanks leave!! I will post when the test is and ask for LOTS of good breathing vibes from everyone. 

Now if we could just get Jax to graduate from the GI program...could you imagine? His next follow up for that is April 14. I'm anxious to see how he does once this nasty cold is over. It's hard to tell if he's getting better until then, since congestion causes night-waking and vomiting in reflux patients...yes...I'm still holding out that this is nasty reflux and it will "go away". I have the GI nurse working for me on the inside :) She's bent the ear for speech therapy, the feeding program, and also the nurse who schedules the motility testing. We'd love to get into any of these things sooner rather than later since a little boy is suffering in the meantime. 

On a lighter note...we have the BIGGEST flirts for sons. Each boy stole the hearts of their doctors today. Big smiles, giggles and lots of little "roars" from Jax. He roars ever since his first appt with the chiropractor. He's starting to find his voice finally, and it's a baby lion ROAR... :)


Lani said...

That's great that you may be able to get rid of the O2!!

signals3_t5 said...

Oh, really that's great !!!

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