Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Out

Hi everyone ~ it feels like I've been away for weeks, when really it was only 2 days. Grandma Klingeisen had beautiful services, which hopefully can give peace to many people. She will be missed by SO many friends and family. Father Dick gave me a bouquet from her flowers that I will dry and put in the boys room in remembrance of her. A big thank you to Rachel and Krista (and Erin did a bedtime shift I hear!) for caring for the boys while we were gone.

Here are some updates on the boys:
Jaxon will be having a stomach emptying study done on Friday as well as having his tube placement checked. He has had some blood venting out of his g-tube since last night, and our thought is that his tube is rubbing against the lining of his stomach. I took pictures of the amount of blood in the diaper wrapped around his tube (with times noted) and pictures of his vomit (that had blood in it). I've been given the signs to watch for to bring him to the ER, but really it seems that the tube rubbing his stomach wrong may be the culprit. We'll have things checked thoroughly on Friday. He had occupation therapy today, and Miss Karen has suggested physical therapy for BOTH boys. Brady should be crawling at this point, and he seems perfectly capable, but he just doesn't "want to". He'd rather play on his back or stand!
So she is seeing about PT for both boys now.
Jaxon has his last (for real this time) RSV shot tomorrow. And both boys will see their new chiropractor late Friday afternoon. Whew...they are busy boys!
We're hoping the weather holds out on Saturday so we can all go to the zoo again.

Here are some pics from last weekend:

Boys getting ready for the zoo.
Their favorite animal - baby monkey!
They LOVED the zoo! And having their toes out!
(And apparently, 20 toes sticking out of a stroller is a zoo attraction in itself!)
Wiped them right out!
Auntie Christa Sunday morning with Brady.
Cousin Anesah with Jax!
All the kids together!


Jennifer said...

That's a pretty pimp stroller!

Scullyhoyy said...

They look so cute, as always.
My DD didn't crawl till the day she turned 1. & didn't walk till she was 17 months. When Brady is ready he will be crawling around & getting into everything. He just wants to take his time, nothing wrong with that. :)

Lindsay Pierson said...

My twins are ten months (born one month premature) and still not crawling! Nate does an army crawl thing and Lilly scoots on her butt, but other than that they are just content to stay in one area and play! You are right, sometimes they just don't want to! I'll say it again- your boys are PA-RECIOUS!

Mrs.McJeep said...

I just thought I'd let you know...John just started crawling today...he's been army crawling around and getting up on his hands and knees but had yet to go anywhere until today. And Luke is still just army crawling...I wouldn't worry too much about it. John was like Brady preferred to lay on his back and just check things out, then one day bam he was moving around. Oh and they are almost 11 months, 9.5 adjusted. Ok sorry I babbled lol!

Shannon said...

The boys are so cute, I've loved following their journey!

Valerie said...

I love the zoo pics.

I wouldn't worry about the crawling. Marshall has been army crawling but Cecilia not so much at all. She's content to sit there and play too or roll to what she wants.

Some kids never crawl. It's not considered a "milestone."

signals3_t5 said...

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