Saturday, April 11, 2009

Opening Day

Not too much to report. The boys still have their colds (ugh) but are sleeping pretty decent. We haven't gotten another 7 hours straight, but it's still considerably better than lets say a month ago, so we'll take it. Both boys are still having troubles with congestion while trying to sleep. Tomorrow will be two full weeks of a cold for it fine to continue waiting it out without calling the pediatrician if the mucus is still clear? Let me know what you think.

Jaxon was beating up Brady today while they were playing on the floor. We moved our couch back against the wall to make more floor room for the boys, and they love it. But Jax went overboard and started pulling Brady's hair and making him cry.

Jason's back is a lot better. He's going to be seeing the chiropractor with Jax to try and heal the problem so he doesn't throw his back out chronically. Hopefully it helps.
We were able to attend the Brewer's Home Opener yesterday - thanks to Krista, Jenn, Shannon and Tara all adding to the care of the boys for the afternoon. It was nice to get out of the house, even if it meant leaving the game early to get the boys in bed and listening to the winning score on the radio! Ce la vie!

Pictures from the week:

Papa Letts and Brady.
The boys were singing Thursday.
Krista visited Wednesday.


The boys in their outfits I gave Daddy for Father's Day last year.
(There's a picture back in this blog of him holding them up in my hospital room)
Tailgating...ask Jason how these scratches got on the truck!
Miller Park just before game time.
Rachel and I.
Jason and Dennis.


Drama Queen said...

YAY BREWERS!!!!! I've been reading your blog since the boys were born and how could I have just figured out you live in Wisconsin...just like me!?

Jenn said...

Regarding the congestion, I was told as long as it is clear and you are not noticing struggling to breath then all is well (and no fever, etc.) You can suction if needed too.

Glad you got to have some adult time out! Isn't it such a coveted thing now? :)

Lesley said...

I always went by ... more than 14 days with a 'cold' or 10 days with a 'cough' warranted a visit to the pediatrician to rule out bacterial involvement. Colds should resolve in 2 weeks. If not, in we went.

Jen & Jeff said...

AWESOME that you got out for some fun!! I am sooo happy for you! We missed opening day for the first time in years this year. Guess triplets will do that to ya huh? grrr...

Looks like you had a blast!

Megan said...

Amazing to read how the boys are developing! Praying the colds and congestion let up soon. You are such a wonderful mommy! Maybe you can teach me how in November? LOL

Heather said...

Way to go for the two of you getting out of the house together for a few hours!! It must have been like heaven!

Anonymous said...

I think you got out for some fun !!!

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