Sunday, April 26, 2009

Past weekend

We had a lot of family time together the past 3 days. Jason was able to finish up work early on Friday, so we all went together to the hospital for Jaxon's latest study - a gastric emptying study. He had 35ml's of formula put into his g-tube (his tummy) and had an MRI sort of machine take pictures of it. It measured out how quickly/slowly he's able to process food. We couldn't believe that he only threw up once over the entire hour process, and it was a very small amount, so the study was able to proceed. Jax actually ended up snoozing for the last 30 minutes. Jay was out in the hall on a business call, so the techs played with Brady in the next room while I sat with Jax. All the techs had a blast with Brady and I enjoyed watching Jaxon lay peacefully without pain...I could do that forever. I couldn't believe I was looking at him knowing he had food in his belly!
We've been treating Jaxon as if he has Gastroperesis this whole time. We're just looking for a formal diagnosis (insurance purposes) to prove our theory. We wouldn't be surprised if this showed he has it. It's common in babies with severe reflux - just means your tummy empties slow, so you have a lot of opportunity for reflux to attack. Only problem is...we've been treating him for this, so a positive diagnosis won't really give Jax any relief. We've tried the Botox injections in the stomach to help relax it and past drugs as well. The next two tests are the biggies that we have all our fingers and toes crossed that will be negative (the MRI and motility test).
After this study, we headed down to Radiology to have a scan done on Jaxon to check his tube placement and for any sores in his belly. He randomly has blood venting out of his tube, so we wanted to check for anything more than just the tube rubbing against his belly. Everything looked just fine.
After that scan, we headed to the chiropractor for some adjustments. Jaxon's torticollis seems to be much better again. So we'll just keep on keeping on I guess! He has good nights and bad nights of sleeping. There is no rhyme or reason yet, but overall they're better than what they used to be. I've ordered the next overnight pulse-ox study, so hopefully we can be done with these O2 tanks for good.
Speaking of sleeping...Brady slept thru the night (11hrs) on Friday night without his swaddle! I put him to bed each night without it and we see how long he can go. We're getting there. It's uncanny how they take turns each night. When one sleeps fantastic, the other has no relief for mom and dad!
The boys have their 9 month pediatrician appointment on Wednesday with their latest growth stats - that will be interesting!

Some pics:

It only took 8 months, but Yanni has sure warmed up to these boys!
He lets them pull and kick him as hard as they want and he seems to actually love it.
Jaxon was really giving it to him with stomping his feet on him and pulling his tail, 
while Brady pulled his ears and  fur on his back.
This is the result of Brady trying to hold his own bottle.
The boys at their first restaurant! Gotta love the highchairs that accomodate their carseats ~
Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee on Saturday. Christa, Clint and the kids stayed with us on their way home and this was something we found to do to get away from the rain!
(a rare family-of-four picture!)


monica said...

Sounds like everything is going good. I hope the tests turn out the way you want them too. The boys are just too cute!

Megan said...

always crossing fingers and thinking about your family! So awesome to see those little boys grow like that. They are so adorable! better warn the moms of the ladies in the area...could be heartbreakers! lol

ThreeRingCircus said...

We have the double Bob, too! Don't you LOVE it!??!

Jennifer said...

Even in a hat and t shirt you are still one hot mama!

Scullyhoyy said...

What a beautiful family picture!!

Heather said...

What a great family picture! Love the first picture of the boys. So stinking adorable, I was laughing out loud at them.

Sounds like everyone is doing well. Though I read about the virus on the nest. Hope that is over quickly.

The Alders said...

I happen to look at one blog and notice that your boys names are Brady and Jaxon, which is soo funny, cause i have two boys that are named that too, (they aren't twins, but i often an asked if they are) anyways, thought it was funny, and had to say, GREAT name choices! have a great day and bless you and your CUTE family!

Robin said...

Read your interview on the multiples blog. you have an adorable family. :)

Robin said...

Oh and your cat looks exactly like my old cat. Is he/she a main coone? I miss that cat so much. He was trouble into everything! Could open drawers and my sliding glass door. lol

Anonymous said...

Visiting from MoM. Your boys are adorable and so glad to hear after a tough start they are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Really great stuff.

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