Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weights and teeth!

The boy's 9 month check up went well. Only one shot, so that was nice. Here are their stats:

Brady - 
Weight: 10% 9 month (YES, he made the actual age charts!!)
Length: 10-20% 7 month (Yes, he's short for his weight)
Head: 90% 7 month (can't remember what the doc said it was for the 9 month chart, but I think like 70th?)

Weight: 10% 7 month
Length: 10% 7 month
Head: 25% 7 month

The doctor is thrilled with their progress. Jaxon's proportion is right at 50% for his length/weight, while Brady's shows a short chubby baby which we love :)

In other news - Jaxon has a tooth!!! The doctor was able to see and feel his right front bottom tooth starting to poke through! We're so happy for him to get to do something first!
Otherwise Brady's virus seems to calming down. He had a nasty vomit after lunch yesterday, but has kept down solids today. We hoping Jax doesn't get this little bug.
Jaxon didn't have a good night of sleep last night, so nothing is consistent yet, and Brady had to be swaddled in his bouncy seat after crying until we're clearly working on the sleep thing. And now with a tooth trying to break out on Jax, I'm assuming 10 hrs of straight sleep won't grace us often!

I just got word that Jaxon's stomach emptying test showed everything to be absolutely normal (of course!), but his scan afterwards of his tube placement did show a part of the tube rubbing an area of his stomach. So they want to scope him for his motility test to make sure there aren't any ulcerations under it that may cause the random bleeding. I was also told that this motility test can't be performed through his existing tube and he'll have to be put under for it (also makes sense for the scope). Well, he'll be put under for the day of his MRI, and they're thinking of doing his motility the next day. Hmmm....I don't think he can/should be put under 2 days in a row! So our GI nurse is working her magic to see what we can work out. Those will be some long days coming up at the hospital...but we need some answers or at least some things to rule out!


Laura said...

Yay Jax for your very own FIRST something! And of all cool things to be first in a tooth is the coolest.

Heather said...

Aw! Jax with the first tooth! I hope he isn't in too much pain. Sounds like their appointment went rather well. I hope your awesome nurse can work her magic. You will have some long days coming up. Wish I could keep you company at the hospital.

EmpwrElliek said...

Looks like they are growing, and first teeth how exciting!