Friday, May 15, 2009

10 Months Old

The boys turned 10 months old yesterday. It wasn't the most fun day for them. We had to bring Jaxon back to the hospital. He's been so sick since coming home on Tuesday. He has explosive vomiting and now diarrhea. The tube that was replaced on Tuesday was 8cm longer than his original tube, so they changed out his tube to his original length yesterday in hopes that it will give him some relief. I also dropped a sample of his poo off at the lab, although I'm not too sure what they're testing it for. Last night he vomited less, but was up all night long moaning and screeching in pain, and had blood in his vomit this morning. I have a call into GI about this.

Is this just the way it is now? That's all Jason and I think while up and down all night long listening to his inconsolable cries. Thank goodness Brady is learning to sleep through these cries and giving us a break with him at night (thanks Big B).

Let's just look at pictures:

The boys playing together last Sunday morning.
We miss this smile - Jay thinking that Jax needed a "PJ-on-your-head" photo last Saturday.
Here comes trouble! Brady now rolling to his tummy to roll across the room and push buttons!
The boys yesterday. I tried to get a 10-month bday shot, but poor Jax just didn't feel good.
Best shot I could get of him.
He's suddenly been falling asleep while playing now. As cute as it is, it concerns us a bit.


Tara said...

Poor baby!! He's such a little trooper though. I really hope things get better for him. That is no way to spend any birthday :-(

Valerie said...

Poor guy!! I hope he feels better soon. They're probably testing his poo for a rotavirus.

I love looking at pics of them! So cute.

C said...

oh poor Jax! You can see that he just wasn't in top form yesterday. Hopefully the new tube will give him some relief soon. My fingers are crossed for him!


Sara B said...

Annie, it kills me to see Jax not feeling well. I hope he gets better soon. I'm sure the test was just to rule out a bacterial infection (c.diff, etc) so they can focus on physiological causes.
I hope next week is better for you guys!

Sarah said...

Poor little guy - I hope he feels better soon. Love their smiles.

Heather said...

Your family continues to be in my prayers. I hope Jax finds some relief in the next few days. (((HUGS))) to you all.

Candice said...

I have so much admiration for you all! You have to be in the running for parents of the year. Hang in there! Hope Jax feels better soon. The boys are just so adorable, sick or not. said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you all and sending tons of prayers.
Kristi (dragonflyinn)

Lani said...

We're thinking of you guys as always..

Laura said...

They are so beautiful. Sending you lots of love. We tried the boys on the G tube since Sunday and all week they've been vomiting and heaving. Today Cameron threw up more than usual and both are starting to heave in their sleep again. *sigh* I'm going to tell our GI about your motility test, and since we're probably getting the chromosomal blood work looked at and an MRI for each, I'm going to ask about the diagnosis your doctors have given Jax. It's probably not the same condition, but it bears looking into. I did a little reading (but honestly I had to stop because I start crying for you and me when I read too much about it) and it seems to be extremely rare. Hang in there Annie.

The Lane Family said...

Your boys are just so cute!! I am sorry that Jax is still struggling and I understand about the up all night screaming. Avery is finally 1 and at least she is only puking 3 or 4 times a day. Hang in there and I hope the weekend is better!!

Randi said...

They are beautiful boys. I am sorry your family is going through such pain. There is not much worse than to hear your baby's cries of pain. I am also a MOM, and I go back and forth to see how your little men are doing. My sons, Nate and Tony are now 2.5
Proud of you, Annie.

Jennifer said...

precious picutres

where is that square toy from in the first pic? so neat looking

Lindsi said...

oh sweet Jax. Sending you lots of prayers, wishes, and good vibes. (((HUGS))) to you all! Thinking of you lots!

Anonymous said...

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