Friday, May 8, 2009


We have all the upcoming appointments set.  Today the boys will attend their NICU follow-up at the hospital. So we'll see where they say the boys fall developmentally.
The MRI for Monday has been canceled. The anesthesiologist agreed that Jax shouldn't be put under for two days in a row, and they all agreed that Tuesday's appointment is harder to get into, so we cancelled Monday and will just be Tuesday's motility study. This is a 6 hour study, so we'll be getting to day-surgery at the hospital before 6am. They will be putting him under and scoping his throat and stomach again, while checking under the tube to see if there are ulcerations causing his random bleeding. They will leave a catheter down his nose and then he will be woken up. The rest of the study will happen in a room like the one we were in for his stomach-emptying test.
We will be with him for the rest of the 5-6 hrs where they will conduct the rest of the test. Erithryomycin will be given intravenously to see how the motility of stomach works with that agent, and then food - all given down this catheter. The study will test how his entire body reacts and absorbs food.
Results will take over 2 weeks, so we're hoping we'll have an answer at his next GI follow up (May 26). They will then decide if they want to reschedule the MRI. I think that if the motility test shows nothing is wrong, then they may go forward with the MRI. The motility test is ultimately looking for a disease. Sooo fingers crossed it is negative.
We are continuing with all the chiropractic and therapy appointments.
I will try to make my next post filled with just happy weekend pictures.

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