Sunday, May 24, 2009


The boys have officially been baptised! (Pictures to follow on next post)
In true fashion of the boys, they tried getting it canceled again. Brady had a temperature of 102 that morning. Our doctor is assuming it's a virus that should be done today or tomorrow, so we're watching him. He seems to be doing just fine other than the fever and some crabbiness. Brady's second tooth just broke through, so we thought originally it was that, but with that high of a temp, we knew something else must be up. So yes, the boys each have their front bottom teeth...too cute! Now I will have to wrestle them down to snap a picture of it!

Both boys are sleeping so well this weekend. JAXON slept through the night Friday and Saturday night. Can you believe it?! I can't! He didn't wake up screaming in pain or puking either night. He slept from 7pm-6am on Friday and 7pm-5:30am with a vomit. We don't know if it's just a few day fluke, or if the antibiotics really helped clean out his system, or if it's the acupuncture. We don't know, but we sure have LOVED it! I mean, don't get me wrong...I woke up constantly wondering why he wasn't up and sat up to listen to him breathe.
As of this morning, all his acupuncture stickers have fallen off. He has an appointment on Thursday to have it done again.

ALSO -  Jax passed his oxygen test!!! Those tanks will be leaving Tuesday afternoon after 10 LONG MONTHS - YAY!! I haven't decided if I will kiss them goodbye or kick them on the way out :)

So, as for the went well. The moment we got up in front of the congregation, Jaxon started to heave. I turned around (with my back to the congregation) and let him heave into a towel, which thankfully didn't produce large amounts of fluid or anything. The pastor was sure to explain to everyone that Jax is a patient at Children's Hospital often, and the baptism was actually going to take place there. Everyone seemed to understand. So other than a few loud retches through the service, we made it out without any big crying meltdowns. Not bad for a baby with a fever and a baby who doesn't always feel great! The boys received large blankets from the churches "sew comfy group". Oh my gosh it brought tears to my eyes. The boys received blankets from this group when in the NICU, which is how we found this church.
It was a good day.

Brady exploring Jax's face.
Jax fell asleep jumping in his jumparoo!!
Brady showing how he can clap.
Boys being silly at bedtime.
Only picture I have on my camera from the baptism.
Uncle Clint and Brady after the service.


Jennifer said...

They are getting so big.

And I might say I'm a little jealous of the STTN - Audrey still has never done it. You need to have her future hubby give her a call and give her the low down.

I think I asked before - but where is that big purple block toy from? The one with the bead thing on top...

Heather said...

Congratulations on the boys baptism! Gotta love the jumperoo naps! Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

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