Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day everyone! We spent the weekend at Okauchee Days; a festival about 20 minutes from our house where Jay played in a softball tournament. The boys love being outside with all the excitement, but it sure was HOT outside! Jax doesn't seem to handle the heat so well, and seemed to be having many more vomiting episodes than usual, so we came home to get him in the air conditioning. He did better outside on Sunday when it didn't seem to be as hot out. 
We had such bad storms on Friday night, that our street flooded out again. You may remember the bad flood in my blog from last year at this time. Well we didn't flood that bad again, but our street was closed down again with water only sitting at the bottom of our driveway rather than half way up this time.
I realized when I was uploading photos for this post that I didn't have any pictures of Jason with the boys! I noticed the camera battery was dead when we got to the park this morning...darn it! Just like Mother's photos of the parent with child for said day. OOPS :) But here are a few of the photos I did get...

Brady showing us how fun it is to feed him now.
Brady chillin' in the shade at the park.
Brady with Mama.
Jax finally perked up once in the shade of the beer tent.
He is also showing his love for cups. (He loves any kitchen bowl, spoon, cup etc)
Brady and Craigers!
Jax having a great time Sunday evening and bonking crabby Brady on the head!


Sara B said...

It's always great to see pictures of the smiling boys (and their mama)!

monica said...

Your boys are always smiling! Happy father's day! Sounds like a good day...sorry for the water in the driveway - I hope it doesn't make it to the house!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really It's always great to see pictures !!!

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