Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Labs are done

We were finally able to get Jaxon's blood drawn to finish up the final lab that needs to be done for the holistic medical facility. It took 2.5 hrs at the hospital with everything that needed be done. It only took 2 lab techs and myself to hold Jax down, while a nurse walked Brady around the hallway. Thank goodness that's done with! Now we play the waiting game for all the results to come in so we can have our plan of action. Jax has his next round of acupuncture tomorrow, we'll see if it continues to help.
Other than that, I've been trying to figure out fun things for the kids to do without being out in the bad heat. We had a heat index off 100 yesterday! Brady is making the "mmm" sound, but no mama of course and Jax is making the "ddd" sound. Now that they're both babbling, it's hard to tell who is who sometimes when I'm in the other room - always makes me smile. They both love to clap and it makes the other laugh hysterically.
Jaxon still has his episodes on average about 10 times a day. He sleeps well from 7pm-4:30am, but then falls apart until you get up with him. Brady is an early bird now too with being up by 5:30am, but it may be because he hears things stirring in the house. Either way, we are up super early everyday and get more done by 7am than most people!


Laura said...

We're up right there with you at 4am every day too! Have you tried playing peek-a-boo with them yet? Once they get the idea they can start pulling the cloth off each other and that's hysterical for everyone. DH and I are so easily amused now that we have kids.

Anonymous said...

I really love it..

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