Monday, June 15, 2009

On the go!

We had a busy weekend. The boys had a lot of fresh air, that's for sure! Saturday we went to Thiensville to watch Jason play softball. The weather forecast said it would be cloudy and 60's. It ended up being sunny and 70s! We were warm in our jeans. We went to the festival at the park in between games and let the boys swing away in the swings. Then on Sunday, Janice brought Anesah and Aidan down to visit the zoo with us. It was Anesah's 7th birthday, and Denise and her son Brad also came along. It was a beautiful day, and we ended the trip with a train ride through the whole zoo.
The kids seem to sleep better after a day outside in the fresh air. Brady has good nights and bad nights which are very random. Jaxon seems to be keeping very regular with getting up around 4:30am with vomiting and pain. Once you bring him downstairs and change him, give him meds and change out his bag, you can usually get him to nap in the swing for an hour while you sleep on the couch, or until Brady is up. His vomiting is back down to normal, and he just finished up his last dose of antibiotics. Hopefully this will be his last round. We're waiting to hear from the holistic medical facility with his stool/urine results for a course of treatment. We're anxious to hear what they think and prescribe. Now that this last round of antibiotic is done, we'll work on getting his blood sent out to the lab for the last test.
I'm still waiting to hear from Children's Hosp for when they want to test his thyroid and the VIP test. I know they're waiting to hear how the antibiotic does, and to have it out of his system. Maybe they'll wait for his next GI visit which is in 2 short weeks again already.
In other news, Brady is on the move. He refuses to crawl, but sure does find a way to get to where he wants to be. It's getting so hard to keep him away from Jaxon's tube. I swear I have at least one heart attack a day jumping at him to get him away from it. He's also now feeding himself snacks with his pincher fingers and just loving it!
Jaxon's front tooth is starting to peek thru his gums. His teeth are just popping up everywhere now.

Just a Jax photo.
Janel and Brady at the zoo Friday afternoon.
Brady feeding himself like a big boy.
Brady's face after eating some of Jason's snow cone!
Boys on the swings.
Jaxon stripped down after the zoo on Sunday while I change out his backpack. 
Notice his favorite toy...measuring spoons! He swings them around like numb chucks!
Brady finding the stereo wires.
Ha! I covered it with a blanket!
Foiled. You can't turn your back for one minute!
Boys in front of the house on our way for a walk this afternoon.


Jenn said...

I am just amazed that Jax doesn't pull at his tubes constantly.

Did you ever get the music thing figured out for your blog? Did you get my instructions I posted on your blog for how to do it?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with those top front far those were the toughest for my little man. You have such a lovely house! Isn't it amazing how they know when you hide things at this age? Evan is like a little hawk and doesn't miss a trick! I am constantly following behind him picking up stuff he pulls off shelves.

Heather said...

Love seeing new pics of the boys. Isn't fresh air the best? I love getting them outside so they "hopefully" will sleep better!

Amanda said...

Love the new pictures. Like Jenn said, how does Jax NOT play with his tube? Incredible. BTW: Your house looks pretty!

Laura said...

Annie, are you still using a diaper to vent Jax's G tube? If you send me your address I'll send you a couple of farrell bags so you can try them out. It's one more tube to worry about being pulled, but at least it's sealed so it can be on the floor and shaken like a rattle and not a drop will spill. Let me know!

jasonlovessara said...

Jax really looks like a ninja with his "num-chucks!"

Pink-CJ said...

Love your BOB stroller!