Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scraping poo and takin' diggers

We finally received Jaxon's kits to collect samples for testing late yesterday afternoon. So this morning we are collecting all these "samples" and WOW, that is a good time. Never thought I'd be scraping poo and mixing it into vials before. Or putting a bag over my child's goods to catch his urine, only to freeze it for 48 hrs. We need to get this done today to save and ship out on Monday, so Jax can start up the next round of antibiotics. He's getting rather sick again with diarrhea and screaming in pain at night. Jay and I try so hard to give him a mix of Tylenol, Zofran and Mylanta to ease his pain in the wee-hours, but it's getting to be non-stop again thru the night. So we figured that while his samples are being tested and we begin the probiotic, we may as well give him (and us) some relief in the mean time. We wanted to start these antibiotics on Thursday, but knew he couldn't have them in his system for these it's been a hard few days. We either wait two days to give him his antibiotics to get these tests out, or we have to wait 2 wks to do these tests resulting in a month wait for any answers.

In other fun news, the boys and I went to visit Auntie Rachel for a few hours on Friday to get outside in the beautiful weather. We wanted to introduce the boys to the pool, in hopes they like it since Jay and I plan to be planted there often this summer :)
The water was a bit chilly, so Rachel and I sat on the steps of the pool and just them play in it. Jax of course just wanted to jump up and down in it, while Brady loved splashing and would've gone face first in if we let him. Brady is just hilarious lately. He has so much "boy" in him, he almost explodes. He hits his face or head on SOMETHING every day by smashing into anything and everything he can possibly find...he looks like he went thru war while taking all those diggers! All with a big ole' smile of course. Lord help us when he can walk!

Look how adorable and innocent Brady looked last summer in his bouncy seat.
Here he is the other morning testing the boundaries of those straps!
Jax with his new super-mini backpack that almost fits him!
The boys going for a walk in Rachel's neighborhood with the pugs. We were asked multiple times if they were twins...isn't that funny? 
(Not to mention they're in matching swimsuits)
Brady sporting his swimming sunglasses! 
(which didn't last very long)
The boys having a blast by the pool while mama and Auntie ate some lunch.


Angie said...

Ah, they're so cute! I love the matching swim gear. Good luck with all of the tests!

NormalOnesLeft said...

Oh my God Annie, the two pictures of B in the chair made me laugh until I cried! God, that kid!

G & H said...

GREAT pictures!!!!!!

Jenn said...

What do you use for sunscreen for them? I have the Aveno Baby right now but wonder what you use?

Heather said...

Awesome pics! Brady looks like he could rip through those seat straps like the Incredible Hulk! lol!

Hoping the antibiotics can calm things down for you.

Jenn said...

Wow...that comparison photo is amazing! I have that swing was our lifeline for any sort of peace for the first few months. Now it is packed away...sigh.

Anyway, about my playlist. First, I am assuming you know how to creat them right? If not let me know. From there you click on your play list and then to your right you will see the heading share your playlist. You click on "general code" then scroll all the way down to to the last option "get code for other social network...." Then chose the playlist you want (I have a Christmas one I made too...) then customize it as you want (randomize, different background, etc.) Then, click get my code. Copy that whole LONG thing and paste it into your blog. You do this by going to your blogs dashboard, clicking layout then clicking "add a gadget" and clicking on the HTML/Javascript option and pasting the link into that. Click save and you should be all set. If you have more problems let me know!

Anonymous said...

Have a great pics.

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