Friday, July 31, 2009

1 yr appointment

The boys had their one year check up this afternoon and are doing great. Here are their stats:

Height (Length): 
Jax - 28 1/4" 5%
Brady - 28" <5%
(This is the first time the boys even touched the charts for length, so they're heading in the right direction)

Jax - 19lbs 9oz 5-10%
Brady - 19lbs 13oz 5-10%
((this office's scale is always about 3oz lower than the hospital, so Jax actually gained more than just 1 oz in 10 days from his last check up and I think Brady is right at 20lbs))

Head circumference:
Jax - 46 1/2" 50-75%
Brady - 47 1/2" 75-90%

The boys have Jason's big head, which the doctor attributes to their lack off ear infections. Apparently big heads lead to a better shaped inner ear warding of ear infections. With both boys having reflux and Jaxon's  respiratory issues in the past year, they are all shocked that there has not been one ear infection. I have a tiny head and always had chronic ear infections my entire life...they have Jason's head/ears! Oh...and they think the boy's eyes will turn brown. Each boy has a brown patch on their left eye, so I thought maybe it was just going to remain like that on both...but the nurse thinks their eyes are changing to Jason's color. The doctor is SO pleased with the large jump the boys have made on the charts from their last appointment. Brady has been given the okay to drop formula and his hemogloben was great, so we can drop his iron suppliment as well. I have NO idea how bedtime will go without a bottle of formula (rather than a sippy of milk) but we'll be finding out!

As for Jaxon and the bacterial infection - the nurse relayed Jaxon's symptoms to the GI doctor and he absolutely thinks he has some bacteria building up (especially since he's had constipation). So a prescription has been called in and we're waiting for it to be made up. It takes a few days for the pharmacy to get the special powder form to compound the drug so it can be administered into the J-tube. Hopefully this gets Jax back on track and we can continue to stay on the up-and-up.


Heather said...

Glad to hear things went well and the antibiotic has been called in. Hopefully this will help Jax feel better soon.

I'm bad, when Charlotte "graduated" from formula to milk, I still gave her a bedtime bottle of milk instead of a sippy cup. AND I did this until she was like 2 1/2! Mother of the year, I am not.

Have a good weekend!

Candice said...

Wow! Great news. They are doing so well! Hopefully you can get Jaxon's infection under control soon.

tbonegrl said...

this is great news!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Really good news !!!

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